Xen Server: Bug in Licencing ?

Hi there,

I am using
XenCenter 5.5.2 (build 25727)
XenServer 5.5.0, build 15119p
XenServer 5.5.0, build 25727p

XenCenter pops up a window telling me one licence would have been expired. Before I entered my details on the website and received an email with a licence file which I applied to the server. So licences should be OK.
The other licence expires in 4 month. What happens then? Will I get a new one will the force me to buy something? I have a bad feeling about that.

Is there a kind of bug?
Will they renew the licence without any problems?
What happens if I don't / can't renew the licence?

I look forward to receiving infomation.

Thank you.

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I'm assuming that you are using the free licenses.

Yes, XenServer will (supposedly) be free forever.  There will be the Enterprise and Platinum Essentials packages that they will want to try to upsell you to, and that's why they make you fill out the form once a year to renew your free licenses.  They just want a touch point every now and then.  My friends in XenServer Product Management aren't budging:  XenServer will always be free.  I honestly don't see that changing at all, don't really see a reason why it would.  

Now, XS 5.6 introduces licensing that integrates with Citrix License Server.  Not completely sure how that will work, but there seems to be a self-contained license server in the beta.  Again, they've given me no reason to doubt that there will be a free version into the foreseeable future.  
DistributedServicesAuthor Commented:
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