Windows 7 clean install on Acer laptop

Hi Everyone,

I am about to wipe Vista and install a full version of Windows Home Premium.

I am using this guide

I have backed up all My Documents to an external drive (not many of them because the computer hasnt been used much) but I just want to know if I need to also copy any preinstalled Acer drivers (its an Acer Aspire 5810T laptop) or will I be able to download all that stuff once I am rocking with Windows 7.

I ran MS W7 upgrade advisor but didnt help with the driver question..

Any help from the experts would be appreciated.



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ViRoguesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The great thing about Windows 7 is that it will automatically find all the drivers that you need with Windows Update, so there is no need to worry about your Acer drivers.

Good luck!

 - ViRogues
i would recommend to update your default windows drivers!

- new drivers are bugfixes
- improvements
- or extensions!
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