FTP virtual folder

I have a site and in the root of my site there are two folders, a user area and an data area.
I want to give FTP acess to my user area for some people, but they need access to a folder nested inside the data area.

Can I create a folder inside my user area that maps to the folder inside the data area, without giving them access to the root?

I am not worried about security as I trust the people, but for convenience  I want them only to have acces to the parts they need.

The system is based on a LAMP stack.
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Maciej SsysadminCommented:
You can try creating soft link in user area pointing to data area, and use Limit directive (in proftpd) to grant required permissions.

You can also mount your data directory into user/something directory (mount -o bind).

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I think if the user doesn't have permissions to that directory tree it won't work

e.g. if you have /root (only root access) and create /root/data (world access) and also do a ln -s /root/data /home/data ,  the ordinary user cannot get to /root/data and also won't get to the symbolic link /home/data

The only thing I could think of is do it the other way around where you create the accessible data somewhere else and then link it to your root area ... in the case above

mkdir /home/data(world access)

ln -s /home/data /root/data

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