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Hello Experts!
I'm programming my own PTC (Paid To Click) website, and I need a PHP script that will transfer the money from my alertpay to someone's (user) alertpay. I know it is possible :)

Can somebody write it for me??
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cappytoiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There is a class written by alertpay for this, guessing you are looking for the send money API:

Code I attached is an example on how to use it.

The additional parameters and directives can be found below:

$sendMoneyClient = new SendMoneyClient('myusername','myapipassword'); // fill with your own
         '10', // amount
         'USD', // currency
         '', // receiveremail
         '', // senderemail
         '1', // purchase type, 0 => Service, 1 => Goods, 2 => Auction-Goods, 3 => Others
         'sending money note', // note to add to transaction
         '1' //  test mode, 0 => off, 1 => on
$response = explode('&',urldecode($sendMoneyClient->send()));
$formattedResponse = array();
foreach ($response as $item) {
    list($key,$value) = explode('=',$item);
    $formattedResponse[$key] = $value;

if ($formattedResponse['RETURNCODE'] >= 200 && empty($formattedResponse['REFERENCENUMBER'])) {
   echo 'Error In Transaction: '.$formattedResponse['DESCRIPTION'];
} else {
   echo 'Transaction Successful!';

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V4nP3rs13Author Commented:
Thanks, what account type should be mine. I have personal account type. Should it be business?

I have not much idea about AlertPay but you can try the above code without any harm done to your account since there is a test mode available. But from what I know from Paypal, you need to have a business or merchant account to use these APIs.
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