Windows 2008 server firewall

Hey Guys,

I am setting up a server 2008 with exchange 2007

I only have one machine. But will be running a server in VM as well

I need some suggestions on the firewall.

I have worked with ASA's and linux firewall's as well like IPCop (extremely easy to manage)

I don't have a budget of a ASA and don't have the environment to setup another machine for IPCOP.

So was looking into the starting models of netgear firewall / sonicwall.

Netgear also comes with a VPN functionality. Can someone guide how does that work as I have never used one of those...also the sonic wall

The RRAS in server 2008 seems like a idea too but I am not sure how safe that it.

I also need to be able to give certain IP's to certain ports only and rest ip's cannot connect to that port. Not just simple port forwarding.


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B HCommented:
you could specify a rule in the windows firewall to allow certain ip addresses to access rras and block the rest... but you can do that in a netgear/sonicwall too.  

the netgear/sonicwall would be a little "safer" because it won't rely on windows passwords which could become known to outside parties.

with the netgear, you can have it hardware controlled between 2 netgears (one at the remote site) or the remote computers can use the netgear vpn client software to connect to it.  or, if you go with the rras, each remote computer could have a vpn client connection set up as an icon they would run

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Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
You can install IPCop as a virtual machine. You give the IP address of the VM running IPCop as default gateway to your Server so that every traffic going out of your server passes through IPCop. For the incoming traffic to be firewalled through IPCop, I think you have to put the virtual NIC of IPCop in bridged mode.

Anyway, a Windows server is never secure, until the contrary is proven, which didn't happen yet. Why don't you install a Linux VM server with TWO virtual machines: one running IPCop, and the other one running Windows and Exchange 2007? IPCop can run smoothly inside a VM using only 128MB RAM.
ShivtekAuthor Commented:
I am setting up IPcop on the esxi server now, and it seems to work fine.

So I have a modem (internet) and have 2 nic cards on the machine (physically)

I want to make one of those nic cards the internet interface (red) for the ipcop dedicated.

And the other nic card will become the green network for the lan.

Just wondering how do I specify in vmware that nic card 1 is the internet...
ShivtekAuthor Commented:
Also was wondering if there is a similar way like, vmnet 0-9 , bridged etc.
Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
IPCop uses the first NIC as green.

To specify that the virtual NIC #2 (red) is the Internet, you have to go to the VMWare interface > virtual machine IPCop > network devices and set up that virtual NIC as bridge to the physical NIC (so: bridged). The virtual. The NIC #1 (green) can be on a virtual network (vmnet0 Any virtual machine wanting to access the Internet through IPCop needs to have the IP address of (NIC #1 on green) as gateway.
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