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IIS 7, ASP and Visual Web Developer root folder problem

I have imported an ASP web site from a service provider, to convert to ASP.NET.
The site has an Access database in directory DB and all asp and other files in directory www.
All ASP files require that www is the root folder of the web Application.
Images is located in www/Grafik/xxx.jpg and in HTML used as:
<img src=”/Grafik/xxx.jpg>”.
I have from Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition (VWD) created an ISS Virtual Directory to
The imported site.
How do I tell IIS or VWD that www is the root folder?
When I test default.asp in VWD all pictures is missing because the pictures is in
www/Grafik/ and not in Grafik/.


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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
When I started developing sites back in 1997, the person that taught me, (Of which now I am his teacher, pretty cool huh) that when you create a site, never drop it straight into the wwwroot folder, that this is a bad idea on many levels.

Lets say that you create this first site, and then later on down the road you decide that you want to create another site, well, you will have to create a folder within the muck of folders within the wwwroot folder, and this can get right messy, which means that the new folder will also get indexed with the primary site that resides within the wwwroot folder.

This is the best practice and what I teach people that want to design web sites for a living or hobby.

This needs to be your drive structure, nothing interferes with nothing.

/Main = ( This is the main site that you are doing now)
/AnotherSite = (This is another site)
/And_Another_Site = (This is another site)
And so on, and so on.

I never have spaces in my folder names, I do not know if it makes a difference or not, I just prefer that there are no spaces.

For your issue here today.
I would create a folder within your wwwroot and start your new website.

Good Luck
janand1Author Commented:
I had hoped for en web.config solution so I could get thel old site to work under my local IIS.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
The old asp site should work under IIS7 without any issues.
What I was trying to point out to you was that the way that the directory structure was set up was wrong
And would potentionally cause you a lot of headache later on down the road.

I am sorry that I or no one else was able to give you what you wanted.
I was just plainly stating that if you want to make the sites professionally, then set up your folder structure professionally as well. if not, then you will end up with a big mess.

Good Luck and sorry once again.
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