How do you contact Facebook Admin?

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A friend (I thought he was a friend) of mine removed me as a friend out of the blue, then added me again a few weeks later - I was a bit curious, but when I accepted, he posted some accusations on my wall that I was invading his privacy.
It seems he suspects me of compromising his facebook account details.
Seeing as it wasn't me (I don't expect you to believe me at face value, just want help in resolving this) I don't want to anger him more by blocking him, but I do want to help him sort out his problem.
I can't see any place to ask a facebook admin to investigate / assist him in re-securing his account.
How do you go about getting help in a case like this? Obviously the longer the person who has actually compromised his details in able to interfere, the worse the effect on our friendship will be.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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This is the general Security Assistance in Facebook.

This is what I believe you need assistance with.

Good Luck!

 - ViRogues


For some reason I coulndnt find that.
I have reported it, hope the slander stops soon.

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