Question about adding indivual files to subversion

I want to add (import..?) an individual file to my subversion project and I'm using the rapidsvn client on linux.

I tried going to Repository->Import which then brings up the Import dialog. I then specify "File" for the Path Type, put in the appropriate Repository URL for the subversion folder I want to add the file to, and then in the Path field, I put in the path to the source file on my hard drive.

When I click ok I get the following error message:

Error while performing action: Path '' already exists
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opikeAuthor Commented:
From my playing around some more, it appears that importing can really only be done from directories. So I guess if I want to import a single file, one way is to have a directory with the single file in it, and import the directory. A couple of extra steps but oh well....
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