Get email on iphone from exchange server


I am trying to configure my iphone to get mail from my exchange server

Here is the details.

- I have a 3G iphone version 3.1.3 software
- The server is windows 2003 SBS sp2
- Exchange server 2003 Version: 6.5.7638.1
- OMA is configured and working from the outside only though http (i don't need ssl)
- I can login to the OMA with no issues

The settings on my iphone are as follows:

- email:
- server:
- domain: localdomain (this is the local domain name (AD)
- username: jsmith (this is the AD username)
- password: ****
- use SSL: OFF

I get the error message: "The connection to the server failed."

Am i missing anything?

Thanks in advance
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
What you could be missing is my Exchange 2003 / Activesync article ; )

Please have a read, check your IIS settings, run the tests and if you get errors, my article should help you fix them:
doctor069Author Commented:
Thanks got it working!!

Service Pack 2 for exchange?
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