CITRIX Application Publishing Challanges

I am in process of testing and finalizing CITRIX application publishing for a contact center with 450 users and 15 applications. Until now, the contact center is running in desktop publishing mode.
Most of the applicaitons are web portals or web plug-ins however there are 4 java based applicaiton that connect to database using Oracle 10g x64 client.
The envoirnment is compleatly Microsoft.
All users accessing the applicaiotns are domain users and CITRIX application servers are domained.
However the client computers are Thin Clients and Servers are Windows 2003 Enterprise.
All client and server harware is HP and all network hardware is CISCO.
McAfee security soluiton is implemented and envoirnment is making user of antivirus, antspyware, access protetion and buffer overflow.

My query here is that before we go for alpha testing for our client, any one who has any suggesstions, best practices, do's and dont's, experience form the past ect. I am open to any suggesstions.

I have successfully done this before twice but what makes me think of possible issues during alpha test with users are particularly two things, resource consumption for large user scale and one JAVA based applicaiton which uses Oracle 10g and connects to a telephony server as a wrapper for a IP Phone (Hard Phone).

Any thing is welcome.
Shoaib Hayat Butt, ITILSolutions ArchitectAsked:
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Jim P.Commented:
The ones that I would suggest:

Limit the surfing; IE will suck up resources on the Citrix servers.
Set auto-logout for disconnected sessions.
Set the idle time out to log off users (usually 30, 45, or 60 minutes).
Figure out the printers as soon as possible.
Shoaib Hayat Butt, ITILSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment, these are preety bzsic thing in this case, what i am looking for is eperiences which can hold me from making mistakes.
I hope i get to see something before time.
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
Oh boy this is the type of question I really do not like replying but here we go. :-)
First of all, scalability. How do you intend to scale this? I mean how many servers will you use? How can you guarantee every single server is deployed identically? Even if it is all documented, what if the person that wrote these docs disappears? Can you guarantee anyone will be able to follow AND follow EXACTLY the documentation?
My experience shows NO as the answer. The key for large scale Citrix environments is automation on the server build. Are you automating this?
Secondly how do you know how many users will each server be able to handle? Did you run EdgeSight for Load Testing to determine that? I am almost sure you did not.
For the Java stuff/Oracle have you considered Citrix Profiler?
There are so many questions to be asked, so many answers that will vary based on the apps, environment and so on. Almost impossible to get something like this answered on Experts Exchange. Sorry.
There are WAY more things on large(r) TS/Citrix environments than MOST people can even imagine.
The key here IMHO is to get professional help from someone that worked with large scale deployments. It will save you TONS of headaches in the future.
And by large I mean LARGE, environments with 100, 1000 Citrix Servers. 5 or 10 is not large.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP

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Shoaib Hayat Butt, ITILSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Cláudio, Thanks for the advice, and apologies i did not follow up. A task got messed up and i had to travel.
Use of profiler will be something new for me, would be great if you can identify a resource to start with. That would be great.
For the post other parts, yes we are on track just as you suggested. Well most of the work seems to be done, but just to mention what i was looking for is experiences and best practices.
Shoaib Hayat Butt, ITILSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
What I was looking for is best practics or experiences that may help us, but as Cláudio noted, it to big for a question, so i am closing it and will post smaller discreet quesitons if needed.

Points assigned as some help was taken fron the expert comments.

Thank you.

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