Two Access Points that occassional drop the conncection

I have two 3Com 9150 11n  Power over Ethernet access points.  I have each setup with a unique IP address, WPA security, Same SSID and Same security key.  One is set to channel 1 and one to channel 6.  My problem is that when the lenovo laptop are moving around they will occassionally drop the connection to the network just briefly, but long enough for the EMD software to lose connection with the Server thus forcing the doctors to have to restart and log into the software again.  I also have a wireless guest gate connection which is set to channel 6.  Can anyone suggest something that I may be missing.
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snafumasterConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
consider making sure you have the latest firmware.  anything 11n has had updates recently.
Perhaps the computers confuse both of the routers.

The problem might be solved by naming them something like "AccessA" and "AccessB" or something of the sort.

Having the same key shouldn't be a problem, but I recommend that you rename one of the SSIDs and see if that is the issue.

 - ViRogues
csmorganOwnerAuthor Commented:
Downloaded the most recent firmware upgrade.  Will install and advise how if the issues is resolved.  Thanks for your response.
csmorganOwnerAuthor Commented:
Downloaded and installed latest firmware.  Have not received any complaints as of yet.  Not sure if it is resoleved, but so far so good.  
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