SSH/filesystem access to ESXi

I have recently installed a VMWare ESXi server running about 4 VMs.  

I want to know how I can get SSH access (or other shell or filesystem access) to the datastore so that I can configure a nightly backup/rsync to another machine.

I cannot seem to find a way of getting access to the server other than through vsphere.  I dont really want to have to pay a lot of money for another management tool.
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A couple articles for you:

SSH is not enabled by default in ESXi and is 'officially' NOT supported by VMware...just FYI. You can use WinSCP or Veeam FastSCP once SSH is enabled.

Backup capability is also disabled in ESXi. To back up your VMs, you have to turn off your VMs. You have to pay to have that functionality in ESXi now (since Jun '09).

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