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Windows 7 installation error

I am installing Windows 7 Pro on an HP XW6200 with mirrored RAID1 SATA, I get 2/3 of the way and it stopps saying that " windows could not update the computer's boot configuration" and it stops.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Did the computer come with Windows 7 originally? If not, did you get all the required drivers (chipset and such like), and do you know if the PC is certified by HP to run Windows 7? ... Thinkpads_User
HP does not support Win7 on that machine. Not only that, but they don't have downloadable drivers for Win7.   Chances are good you could get it to work, but doubtful you will have much luck with that controller.  If you want to run Win7 your choices are:
1. Run Win7 as a virtual machine under vista, linux, whatever depending on the virtualization software you prefer. This will certainly work
2. Get a Win7 certified RAID controller and use that in it's place.  

bkhoobiarAuthor Commented:
I have run the Vista upgrade advisor for this workstation and it passed. However "dlethe" is correct in that there are no WIN7 drivers. I am using the Vista controller driver for it. The frustrating part is that I installes almost all the way. I will try the newer chipset too.
I will get back with you soon.
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I can tell you that machine will run win7 out of the box with the exception of loading the drivers after
install for the graphics card  and modem you have as they're not part of the mobo. Win 7 has most fx drivers if that's what you have. You may need to load the sound card driver on the mobo also. Windows update does a credible job of finding any other drivers.
The bios has been updated a few times so be sure you have the latest.
The built in sata raid, which I've not tried in win7, handles sata 0 and 1 only for up to 2 drives only, and
it is turned off in bios by default.
Hope that helps. Good luck.
Hey bkhoobiar -- it is REAL easy to make a non-Win7 driver not work. The trick is getting a non-Win7 driver to work :)    Am messing with a win7 installation on a giant beast now with 24 x 6Gbit SAS-2 disks and some SSDs, multiple controllers, and more.  I feel your pain.  I'm on my 3rd attempt and am going to have to break down and install the O/S on one of the SSDs attached to a SATA port, patch it, and then do a bit-level clone to a different disk.

Anyway, yes, you would think after all this time windows would have an option to test read/writes to a desired HDD right at the beginning, instead of making you wait.

The vista advisor is an advisor, read the fine print.   If the drivers don't exist from the manufacturer, then even if it does somehow survive an installation, no guarantee it will boot, and even worse, no guarantee there won't be subtle data corruption.   Consider WHY HP, or any other vendor won't release drivers for WIn7.   Don't assume they chose not to sign & recert the vista drivers .. maybe they didn't work!

Bottom line, you risk data unless you go with certified windows 7 drivers.  Don't attempt a short cut and kick yourself later after you find chunks of files corrupted.  Life is short, nobody wants these headaches.
When I've encountered this, try the following: disable the mirror, install, and re-initialize the mirror. Win7 can bomb out trying to install on certain mirror setups.
bkhoobiarAuthor Commented:
Ok, scythe000
I will try that, since nothing else has worked.
bkhoobiarAuthor Commented:
Ok, I broke the mirror, installed and it still will not configure the boot. I hate to give up, however I am short on time and will have to go back to XP.
Thank you all for your reponses.
Please consider this closed.
I object.  I clearly pointed out in #31049546 that HP does not have windows 7 drivers for that machine, and author agreed. And in #31061185
why he was incorrect in thinking he could get it to work with vista drivers.  Sometimes the correct answer is that it is not possible to do what you want to do.
bkhoobiarAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the quick responses.
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