bluetooth not available in control panel

microsoft xp pro, SP3

microsoft wireless laser 7000 bluetooth keyboard/mouse.

bluetooth keyboard and mouse work without any problems

i do not have access to bluetooth devices via the control panel. what do i need to do to get this installed? when i search for the bluetooth cpl file it is not on the computer. the bluetooth service is not running either. again, both devices work fine i just cant manage anything.
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I understand that you couldn't find BT devices in control panel, but why are you searching for them?
What do you want to "manage"?

"the bluetooth service is not running either"
How do you know that? And if it's not running, how can "bluetooth keyboard and mouse work without any problems"

What is your problem exactly?
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
i want to manage the bluetooth is as simple as that. i want to go to control panel, double click bluetooth, and be able to see the mouse and keyboard and mange them

i went to control panel, adminstrative tools, services...there is no bluetooth service...from what i read there should be.

when i move the mouse or type on the keyboard it that is how it can work without the service being in the list

my problem exactly is what i stated in the original question...i want to go to control panel and be able to double click the bluetooth cpl....IT IS NOT VISIBLE

have you gone to the vendor of the hardware and looked for the bluetooth driver/setup application? What type of bluetooth adapter are you using? Built in or is it a bluetooth dongle?
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CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
yes, all i can download and install is intellipoint, intellitype...

it is the usb bluetooth reciever that comes with a microsoft wireless laser keyboard/mouse 7000
And what do you mean under "manage"?

I think you mean manage like editing the keyboard and/or mouse settings.
So if you want to do this, you don't have to search for any BT device.

Just go to Control panel -> Mouse, and Control panel -> Keyboard

And at this point, two things can happen:
- You will see the custom (intellipoint) settins window insted of the original window or
- You will see the original window, but there will be the extra tab(s) of intelli

Can you try this?
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
no, i want to be able to change the bluetooth key and also simply be able to search for a new bluetooth device. control panel...bluetooth devices is how i always do it...this is not visible on this computer, yet the bluetooth devices work fine.

intellipoint/type dont help me at all
You can try out an alternate bluetooth tool + driver like
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
i would like to resolve this problem...not spend money on 3rd party products

try that link think this might be your solution
If you are looking for cpl file, try to find " bluetooth" string  in  C:\WINDOWS\system32\*.cpl files,
my BTmanager name is bthprops.cpl
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
mistertech...i saw this one before as looks very similar to my problem except for one problem...i already have that registry key in that location. it isnt missing

kokusek...i know the cpl is called bthprops.cpl. it is not in system32 on this computer. i tried copying it from a different computer into the system32 folder but this did not help...when i try to double click it, nothing happens and i still dont have bluetooth devices in the control panel
CCLCLS - could you be a little more precise on what it is you expect to manage?

It is not unusual for a wireless USB or BT for keyboard/mouse to be limited to connecting to only those devices due to device specific driver support.

If you are trying to connect to an audio headset or cell phone via BT you may need a dongle that is compatible and has proper driver support for those type of devices.

Good Luck and post your updated comments.
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
it is very simple...forget trying to help solve why i want to do something....

I want to simply be able to go to the control panel and see bluetooth devices there...

i have a bluetooth device isntalled, why cant i see this icon in control panel. that is all. please dont try to help with anything else. i want to get this icon to simply appear.
Do you have a Bluetooth devices in Device Manager? Can you expand section and upload a screen capture?
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
no...the microsoft bluetooth device does not show up in the device manager, yet it works and is installed..???
In device manager click on View > Show hidden devices
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
i did, it still is not there anything else i can download and try to reinstall for a microsoft wireless laser 7000 other than intellitype/intellipoint?
Here is a link to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article that may apply,

Please check and post the actual MS part number for the kb/mouse. There are 2 versions of the microsoft wireless laser 7000, one bluetooth the other is USB RF wireless.
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
that knowledge base article was already suggested and didnt help...

i will post the part number tomorrow
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
part number is FHA-00001

it says 2.4GHZ technology...maybe it isnt bluetooth?
I believe that the he bluetooth version of the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 part number is 69Z-00001.

The FHA-00001 is not bluetooth. I think that solves the mystery of the missing control panel applet.

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CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
i assumed it was bluetooth because it has a range of 30 feet, i guess this 2.4GHZ wireless has increased the range...thanks
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