How do I get my Symmetra LX to run off the batteries

Can't believe I'm asking this, but does anyone know how to put my Symmetra  LX into a mode where it is running off of the batteries? I'm trying to test the remote shutdown of a client, but for the life of me can't figure out how to trigger it to be on batteries. The "Simulate Power Failure" only goes on batteries for a second and then back.
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Nenad RajsicCommented:
can you not just unplug the power cable? that way you will see how long it can power your servers for and also if you have any network agents see if gentle shutdown works.
adamant40Author Commented:
This is hard wired into the entire electrical system, so there is no cable to pull. There are a number of breakers, but I'd need to know which to through to turn off outside power but not the UPS/Batteries.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
then you won't be able to test you configuration. If I remember correctly the option is called PowerChute or something like that and as long as you enter your server credentials correctly your servers will be powered down within the time limit. You should be able to verify your credentials through powerchute

Just don't overload your unit and make sure that batteries can power your servers after power failure for at least 10 minutes. (exchange servers can take a long time to shutdown)

the only way to test it is to find your breaker and do it that way
(by the way tests like that should be performed on test servers/boxes before you attach your production servers)
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adamant40Author Commented:
Thank you for your advice. I pretty much have everything covered, except the actual process of putting the UPS on battery, there by triggering the shut down command. I think I need to throw the Input Circuit Breaker, but need to confirm this with someone as this is NOT a test domain.  ;-)
Nenad RajsicCommented:
you are welcome. Just remember one thing:  always test before you deploy.
adamant40Author Commented:
Called APC. Yep, flipping the Input Circuit breaker would drop the UPS into battery mode.

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Nenad RajsicCommented:
my first (and second) answer tells you the only way to “trigger” it to be on batteries and in your last comment you say what I already told you twice and you want to close it without assigning any points???
Nenad RajsicCommented:
my first (and second) answer tells you the only way to “trigger” it to be on batteries and in your last comment you say what I already told you twice and you want to close it without assigning any points???
adamant40Author Commented:
Wow, first off you may want to lighten the tone of your communications.
If you look at my question history, you will see I award points almost every time I get an answer with any bit of a solution.
My question was  How do I get my UPS to run off of Batteries. You told me twice? Your first answer was unplug it. My very clear reply was that wasn't possible. Your second answer was "Find the breaker". 2nd response went into PowerChute, again not my question. Power chute was configured, I was trying to get the UPS onto Batteries. OK rereading it I see "Find your breakers". Breakers in the electrical closet, breakers on the UPS? I followed up with the label of one of the breakers off the UPS. I needed to know for sure that flipping that breaker would keep the UPS up. That was the answer I needed, if you had know confirmed that I could have done my test that day and it would have been awesome.
It's like I locked myself out of the car, asked how to get in, and you told me I'd need a key to start the engine. True, but not my question. Let me say this, I would have just awarded you the points for the attempted help, except for the way you worded your response, and the fact that you response is flagrantly incorrect. I don't know if you are a head guy at this site, I'm sort of doubting it due to the quality of your technical response and lack of Enterpise experiance  (unplug the ups). I've never had a problem, but I'm definitly waiting for a moderator on this one. Been on this site for 5 years or more, never had this come up. If a moderator is reading this, please let me know how we proceed. I would love to get a judgement on if this qualifies as an answer.  
adamant40Author Commented:
The above was NOT to the Administrative Comment, it was to the "Expert". I am really surpised that I did not close this correctly and applogize. I've done this 4 or 5 times but I guess it isn't a problem unless someone chalenges? I thought I wrote the answer to MY question, accepted it, and that was it. I don't know what PAQ is, I will look it up and make sure to follow it from now on.

* Was a solution to the original problem found? Yes, I called the vendor who answered the question.
* Did the Author solve the problem themselves, with Expert input? NO, the expert's answers were of no help.

If you look over my record on this site, I've given points pretty liberally. Hell I PAY for this site so I wish I could give more points than 500 when I'm stuck.   ;-)    This "expert" did not provide on technical point in detail regarding my question or it's solution. Further more as a long time paying customer of this site I have a problem with vukovarcan's attiude in his questioning of the closure. Maybe english isn't his primary language, but if I sent an email to someone in my office worded like that....... I would be around to need your services. I have never been anything but polite on this site, I expect the same.

As far as overall recommendations, I'm happy with Delete/No refund. There is NO way I'm awarding points to vukovarcan, and if there is a way to file an offical complaint against someone, please let me know.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
adamant40. I am very disappointed with your response.

I think that it's pretty clear from my answers that the only way to achieve what you are trying to achieve is to disconnect the power completely from your UPS box. If my wording is not clear enough for you then I don't know what else to tell you.

When I say: "then you won't be able to test you configuration" in response to your answer when you say I don’t know where the circuit breaker is - isn't that clear enough answer to your question and the point I am making about your problem?

You say: OK rereading it I see "Find your breakers". Breakers in the electrical closet, breakers on the UPS?
I am not in your server room to tell you which switch to flick – I am giving you a solution but it’s up to you to implement it.

In regards to your PowerChute comment: again I was just trying to be helpful without knowing your level of tech knowledge but hey.

Note to admin: Let him keep his points if you think that my answers are not clear enough if not then my first comment should get the points
adamant40Author Commented:
You answered with the THEORY of what to do. Why didn't you tell me to take my building off the power grid, that would have caused the UPS to go on Batteries. I had the model of UPS listed in the question. "I don't know the layout of your server room".....   Pretty sure all the LX's have the same switches/breakers. I'm honestly not trying to flame you, and again if you had been more polite in your email to me I'd have just given you the points.  But you have to see the difference between theory and an answer that lets me do what I needed. There was an answer, I even stated the breaker name and that I didn't know if it would stay on Battery. If you have that experiance, you could have just said yep. I'd have thrown it, I'd be done.

I understand in theory how a garage door opener works. One day it won't open so I put in a ticket asking how to open my garage door manually, the answer I get is to drive through the garage door. Yes, that would get me outside, but wasn't my question.
I understand that if I cut power to the entire server room it was a good bet the UPS would go on batteries. However the cisco routers, switchs, VOIP Switch, etc. would most likely suffer from a sudden power outage. Switching the UPS TO BATTERIES was the goal, usuall done somehow on the UPS.
 Mostly I am just amazed that you consider your response a solution, when I've looked over some of your answers to other questions. They were technical, precise, and you are clearly a very knowledgable person. I'm stumped on how you read your response to my question as useful  OK, and i'm a little surprised that they don't set any standards for you to communicate with users. If this comes up again, may I suggest something like "Hi user, saw you closed the question without assigning any points. If you look over my responses, you would see....."    Like I fumble typed before, if I sent an email with that tone to a customer (yeah, I am a paying customer) I would be out of a job.

I'm dying to see what the moderator says. I'm cool with whatever. If you think he deserves the points for telling me to unplug the UPS, give 'em to him.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
"If you think he deserves the points for telling me to unplug the UPS, give 'em to him."

That is the whole point and the answer to your question. The only way to achieve what you are trying to do is to unplug the cable or in your case flick the switch if it's hard wired. Now only you know or someone else in your organization which switch is for what and I can't help u with that.

RE: "yeah, I am a paying customer"
I am not paid for helping you or anyone else on this site- I come here to help people for free when a have a spare minute because that is what I like to do, shame you don't see it that way.

Not going to waste my time with your question anymore and I am deleting it from my list so feel free to write more essays about your garage doors etc - I am no discussing it anymore.
adamant40Author Commented:
I would still like an opinion on this answer. I'm honestly looking to know if you feel the experts answer was in any way a solution.  Thank you for your time.
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