.NET 4 Design Question: Collection versus Dictionary

Should I use a name/value .NET Collection or a .NET name/value Dictionary for best performance? What is the best approach please? My application is ASP.NET, WCF/WF Web Application. There should be a range of 10 to 30 entries per collection. I also will need users to potentially change a couple entries at time.

I greatly appreciate your help!!
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elimesikaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

A Dictionary is one of the collections supported in .NET , the term Collection , is general , so , your questions is actually what is the best collection for name/value manipulations and the answer is Dictionary ....
The best approach for name/value is a dictionary since each operation in a dictionary has an order of 1 complexity (that means that no matter how many items you have in the dictionary, you are paying always the same lower price , generally , one operation to search an item or to insert a new one)
HankinCooperAuthor Commented:
I have had "experts" in the past answer questions who clearly did not know what they are talking about, it is such a pleasure to have questions answered by true "experts". thank you very much!!
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