Iphone & Ipad - Russian emails not displaying correctly

Question: Using the Iphone and Ipad (latest firmware) with Exchange 2003 and Microsoft Windows mobile, emails sent to an exchange account appear as upper ASCII characters.

Strangely they appear as the correct Russian font when the IPhone and Ipad is set to preview the first one or two lines!!!! When you open the message it changes to upper ASCII text.

OWA works fine and displays fine - Outlook 2003 & 2007 work fine.

Its almost as if the Russian characted set is not installed on the Iphone or Ipad - But that cant be the case as it displays the first one or two lines in preview mode correctly, and if you use either device to visit RUssian text web sites they also display fine!

Help !!!!
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pgnatyukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do see an opposite effect on a Windows Mobile phone.
I work with two iPhones and both show emails in three different languages very well.
You don't remember any encoding settings, any font settings, Safari settings you changed?
What you have in Settings -> General -> International Language?
Really strange. I do not see something like that. It can be a font - when you open a mail you the text in another font. You know, on iPhone, in Settings, in "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", there is a line "Minimum font size" - check it, try to change.

AlphaWitnessAuthor Commented:
Tried two different fonts, and it makes no difference.  One other user has had this (after a long google search, but did not find a resolution).
Here are two attachmetns, one which shows the russian character set showing perfectly well in IPhone preview mode, then (same message) garbage when viewed normally!

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AlphaWitnessAuthor Commented:
Msg showing correctly in preview
It is a wrong Encoding.
What do you see when you open a Russian web?
AlphaWitnessAuthor Commented:
That is what I thought, but I open russian web sites in Safari BOTH ON Iphone and Ipad and they display all Russian characters perfectly!  Surely the encoding issue would affect the preview issue too?
AlphaWitnessAuthor Commented:
Hello, please can you tell me if you found a solution for this? The question at the bottom does not count as a solution for me....
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Sorry to hear it Andy. The question has been incorrectly closed by the asker - possibly to just get rid of the open question instead of answering the questions from the expert.

I see it is not the only place this issue happens - gmail seems also to not be able to show exchange email correctly, possibly due to the exchange headers sent

Also try to switch between UTF-8, iso-8859-5, koi8-r, cyrillic (mac), cyrillic (windows).
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