PC Mover--Error received when using laplink cable

Hi Experts,

I bought PCMover to move my programs/apps from my old WINXP laptop to my new WIN7 laptop. I have ALL my stuff on my winxp, including expensive stuff like MS Office Suite etc (which I don't have the CDs for). Anyway, the other night I hooked up the cable that came with the package to my WINXP laptop and also to my new laptop WIN7. The WINXP was cool, but the WIN7 came up with an error "PortAcc Err2". I checked system devices, and USB port on my WIN7 is working fine.
But I get this error when the USB/Laplink is hooked up to it.

I am very frustrated. I paid like $50 bucks for this software. Plus I need to move my MS Office, VB.Net, etc over to my new WIN7.

Please help with ANY suggestions.
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MilesRomaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Perhaps you have a bugged driver? A fresh install from the developer website on both computers might help.
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
As a workaround, is there a different way to hook up Laplink (e.g. with ethernet wires and a router)?
Have you contacted Laplink support? ... Thinkpads_User
Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
"... I bought PCMover to move my programs/apps... including expensive stuff like MS Office Suite etc (which I don't have the CDs for). ..."

Disregarding the cable problem for the moment, I'm not sure that any package can do that.  Office, VB.NET and other packages are complicated subsystems that must be installed. There are so many registry entries associated with installed subsystems that the probability is low of any package copying them to a new system both correctly, and in working condition.

Would someone who has experience with PCMover comment on this?
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