How do I launch a Client (test) app from VS 2008 when I'm debugging a WCF service?


I'm just working on getting my feet wet with WCF.
I've written a simple WCF "HelloWorld" service.
I've also added a console client app to communicate with the service
I've added the /client:"client.exe" to the command line arguments of the debug tab of the project properties for my service.

Everything compiles fine. I'm able run my service and examine it in the WCF Service Host app.
I get the following error when VS 2008 attempts to launch my WCF client:
"Failed to launch client application client.exe'. The client may not be accessible or failed to execute. Do you want to exit?"

I also get the same error when I attempt to run with /client:"WcfTestClient.exe"

I am however able to run the both my custom client and WcfTestClient.exe from the browser (external to VS 2008) and communicate with the WCF service.

I'm running Vista Business and VS 2008.

What am I missing here?


jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAsked:
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Miguel OzConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:

If still have the issue, please post:
- the complete error message.
- any event log message related to it.
- PC details OS(32 or 64 bits). Does VS 2008 has SP1? Any antivirus/spyware? (sometimes you  need to exclude your well know files to avoid interference)
- Restart your PC and try again.

i've done a bit of work with WCF and i've never seen the error you've encoutnered. i'm also never attempted to launch a client app in that way... i wonder could this be a coincedence? have you tried launching the service and client seperately? launch the service, then right click your client project, go down to the debug option, then start new instance. Maybe this would work?

... thought it was worth a mention


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