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I purchased a copy of acronis true image home 2010. What I want to do is make a 1:1 clone of my harddrive on my asterisk phone system will acronis get the job done and well I need to do anything special to make sure the backup harddrive works. Also does acronis change anything in the linux partion when you make a clone copy of it in a windows 7 environment thank you.
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Acronis is a great piece of software, unfortunately it can only read what the OS can read. So if you are able to mount your phone system drive inside of Windows then yes, Acronis will be able to clone it, if not then it will not be able to read the data. Additionally it should not modify it, unless Windows does while mounting it.


P.S. You might try cloning in the "Rescue Mode" which has support for a number of kinds of partitions and is Linux based.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Expanding on what JakeCampbell has said above, the following procedure should work.  As he has said, the rescue disk and the "rescue mode" are Linux-based and understand Linux partitions.

- This procedure should work on any system, not just the one with Acronis installed.
- You need at least a CD drive, the original disk drive, and preferably-identical target disk drive connected.
- If you want a backup image file as well, you also need another, separate disk drive to contain the image file.
- Burn an Acronis rescue CD from a system with Acronis installed.
- Boot the rescue CD on the system where the cloning will be done.
- Select the "clone drive" option if you want to clone the drive directly.  Then clone to the target drive.
- After cloning, if you want a backup image file as well, select the "backup drive" option.  Then back up the source drive to a .TIB image backup file on a different drive.

My experience is that Acronis does not normally change anything except partition sizes.  If a clone is made to an identical drive, it does not change anything.
Thank you, for expanding on that, great information. This procedure can also be done using a USB thumb drive, additionally you can clone drives without expanding the partition sizes, Acronis now provides a three different options for the destination (Unchanged, Proportional and Manual).

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thinktechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all the info the reason why I was asking if it would change anything on the source drive is because acronis picked up that it was a linux partition and it said something to the effect of if you click continue your harddrive may not boot in to linux unless you run the restart linux command or something to that effect. I just want to make sure its not going to do anything to the source drive.
thinktechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
here is the exact error message I get from acronis any suggestions on what this is telling me. I believe this is for the destination partition what do you guys think. Thank you

You are about to change parameters of a linux partition.

If this is not a bootable partition, click ok to continue

If this is a bootable partition, you will need to perform some actions to make it bootable after the partitioning operations. Please be sure you have your linux boot diskette before clicking the ok button.

To make this partition bootable again after the partition operations are complete:

-insert the linux boot diskette into the floppy drive;
-Boot your computer from the linux boot diskette and log in as root;
-If you use ASPLoader as your Linux loader, type /sbin/aspldr
-If you LILO as your Linux loader, type /sbin/lilo
-If you use a different Linux loader, please follow the instructions  for your loader.
-Reboot your computer and you will be able  to boot your linux again.
thinktechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Cna somebody tell me what the above warning message means coming from acronis thank you/
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The error message you get indicates that Acronis will update MBR of Linux disk and kick off GRUP or LILO from it. In other words your Linux will not boot. You will need to reinitialize GRUB or LILO (loader of Linux) to make it boot again.
According to the warning message it does change something on copy target drive (not sure about copy source drive).
Are you taking sector per sector copy without resize?
thinktechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
yes sector per sector copy without resize. What I'm hoping to do is make a complete 1:1 backup of my harddrive that is in my asterisk server. My office phone system I want to make sure if anything goes wrong with orginal harddrive I have a backup that I can put back in reinitalize the GRUB and phone system works again. I never used acronis to make a backup 1:1 copy of a linux drive before I've used it several times to make a 1:1 copy of windows drives with no problem. I want to make sure if I use it to make a copy of my asterisk system its not going to change anything on the source drive. Thats the million dollar question lol is it going to change anything on my source drive and if it does change anything on my source drive what is it going to change. thank you
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
As far as I know it should not change anything on your source drive. BTW, they have Backup tool for Linux why not to use it if your question is worth on million dollars? =)
Also instead of using sector per sector clone i would take sector per sector backup. That must not change anything on source drive for sure.

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