CSS LI position: relative for mixed heb + number is not shown properly

For IE use only.
Please look at the attached html code (also a gif snapshot attached).
There seems to be a problem in displaying the first <LI>.
It happens for text that contains Hebrew letters + number.
How can it be solved?
Thanks, Aryeh.
    <LI style="position: relative">¿¿¿¿02</LI>
    <LI style="position: relative">This is OK</LI>

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remorinaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now I see what you mean
This occurs only in IE6 & IE7 because Hebrew is a right to left, in IE7 it's easy to fix using an overflow:hidden as the file attached.

And I hope you're not trying to support IE6, anyway it will be much pain if you want IE6 to work, you'll need to disable the bullets and make them manually using relative & absolute positioning, or background images.

Hi tuchfeld,
You need to save your file with encoding utf-8 and add the below meta tag under your <head>

I've attached a saved file with encoding that should work
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">

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tuchfeldAuthor Commented:
Please use EXACTLY the same heb string as I used.
and notice that the problem persists.
see attached file.
tuchfeldAuthor Commented:
OK. Thanks.
tuchfeldAuthor Commented:
A solution was not found. but the problem was acknowledge.
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