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1 -I would like to know what exams are required for CCIE Routing and Switching.
2- What are the books recommended for each exam?
3-Going From CCNP (Routing and Switching) To CCIE Security or CCIE VoIP, would that be  different world or there are similarities? since CCNP has ISCW and ONT exams which deal respectively with Securit and  QoS/VoIP.


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I used O'Reilly Safari to read through CCIE Routing And Switching.  They have several editions.  It's about 1200 pages of reading and goes into detail on a variety of routing subjects.  I believe it is like taking the CCNE/CCNP combined on sterroids.

I believe there is one written test that runs about $400 bucks.  Then there is the lab.  The lab must be taken within one year of the written test and costs around $1300.  They had you equipment and a list of what you need to do, and you have a time limit to do it.  I believe it is "open book", and you can use anything you want for reference material.  Could you imagine failing and having to take it again for another $1300 bucks!?  So you'll want to make sure you're prepared for CCIE labwork.  Many times people sell bundles of routers/switches on ebay just for CCIE practicing.

Also, there aren't very many labs in the world.  Maybe 15 locations?  The closest one to me is near Georgia, and I'm in Ohio.

Good luck if you take it.  I skipped it because I would have to pay for it myself.  But I did read the CCIE books through.
1- CCIE is a written exam and a lab exam.
Written Exam:
Lab Exam:

2- Cisco's recommended reading list:

3- Not sure how the transition from CCNP R&S to Sec or VoiP is. I would like over the syllabus for the two and see how much would seem completely foreign to you.
As far as I know, and according to the Cisco site, there are 2 locations in the US you can take the lab. At Cisco in San Jose or at Cisco in RTP, NC.

You do not get any books during the Lab Exam, just the a crippled Cisco documentation CD (search is disabled).

More on the lab exam:
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Dont forget your Workbooks, I found these more informative than any text book I ever read. But doesnt mean you should read textbook but you learn things textbooks wont explicitly state.

Internetwork Expert and IP Experts workbooks are good.
Wow, you're absolutely right warwolfra!  You only get the Cisco documentation disk, search disabled.  I thought you could bring your own material.
The Cisco site will give you details of the various CCIE tracks

now all the documentation you could need is on the Cisco web site, there's just too much of it, that's why the books and workbooks are good as they focus on the lab blueprint.

As to taking the lab I think the biggest issue is the amount of time you have to complete the tasks, you certainly don't have time to research all but the smallest of items.  The key is lots of hands on practice, depending on your budget you can use GNS3, online rack rental or buy your own kit/use your employer's.

I think the choice of track depends on your experience and interests, most people start with Routing and Switching because that is the foundation of the network and the kit is easier to get hold of. For example for security you'll really need ASA and IDS and for voice some phones, routers with DSPs and the Unified Comms Servers.


thanks guys!!!

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