Sharepoint Modified By Fields not updating

this has got me scratching my head...

there's nothing wrong with my MOSS 2007 installation from what i can tell, everyhting is working exactly as expected.

except: no list on any site in MOSS updates the Modfied By field. when a user creates a new list item in any list across the server it updates the Modified By field the first time with the user that created the item, however, anytime that item is subsequently edited or modified the Modified By field does not change from the user that originally created the item. the Modified date does update properly.
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Shailaja KumarCommented:
Are there any customizations implemented in the list, if yes, can you please list them?
dustinadamAuthor Commented:
well, what occured to me over the weekend is i changed the ONET.XML file and removed the line that specified ReadOnly="TRUE" for tp_Author and tp_Editor, allowing us to updated the Created By field with workflows. (this gave us the ability to operate the list with "Only their own" permissions, as we dont want users to see anything but their own items, while Admin can make changes to any item on the entire list.

it's possible that that broke it, but if it did i might just have to deal with it...
dustinadamAuthor Commented:
OK, well, I fixed the problem myself, and my previous post was correct. But for anyone else who may run into this in the future, here is a more detailed explanation of what it did, why i did it, what problem it caused and what the solution was:

What I did:
In the Sharepoint directory: "\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\XML\" there is a file called ONET.xml, this xml file controls properties for standard, managed columns across a Sharepoint farm (Title, Attachments, Created By, Modified By, etc.) the Created By and Modified By columns are referenced internally as "tp_author" and "tp_editor". For both of these, i changed the ReadOnly attribute in the xml from "TRUE" to "FALSE"

Why I did it:
I had a list that i wanted to alter the Created By field with a Workflow that would run each time an item was created. In my case, the list contained items of a sensitive nature, and only those items pertinent to a particular user should they have the rights to view. One of the required fields in the list was a Person or Group lookup. When an Administrator creates a new list item, they have to locate the person the item belongs to, when the item is saved Sharepint takes the person in the required lookup field for the current item and updates the Created By field with that value. That gave me the ablity to change the permissions for the list and specify that users could read "Only Their Own" items.

The Problem it Caused:
What I discovered was that by changing the ReadOnly attribute from "TRUE" to "FALSE", the Modified By field would not update with the last person that updated the item, which prevented us from being able to identify a clerical error and know who made the mistake. For our purposes we don't care who originaly created the item, we only care who last edited or updated the item.

The Solution:
I changed the ReadOnly attribute in the ONET.xml file for "tp_editor" (Modified By) back to "TRUE". For my own purposes I won't ever need to programmatically alter the Modified By field (I know, then why did I change it in the first place?, I have no idea) I can leave it's ReadOnly attribute as "TRUE", which allows Sharepoint to update the Modified By column appropriately, while still leaving me with the ability to change the Created By (tp_Author) column with a Sharepoint Workflow.

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dustinadamAuthor Commented:
see last post be me.
Mine is already set to true and it still does not update the time, date, or user modified field.
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