Exchange 2010: internal access to external OWA notworking.

Last exchange issue I swear.Well at least for this client lol.

My remaining issue is that my internal users cannot access webmail from inside the network.
They can however browse to it by https://internalIP/owa
if they try to put in, it just times out.

Any ideas? is this a DNS record issue? If so, what DNS records to do I need to update.
My firewall is allowed all traffic from all trusted zones, external and optional zones, access to the NAT'd address for webmail. OUTSIDE access works absolutely perfect!

Thank you!
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There are 2 things you need to setup to get it working -
1. DNS
2. Site Bindings

Lets explain, its very simple -

1. For DNS  -
a)Open up your DNS console and browse to Forward Lookup Zone
b) Create a new zone by the name You can choose default values when creating a new zone in DNS
c) Next right-click on newly created zone and choose "New Host A"
d) Now leave the TOP SPACE blank and in the 3rd row put in the IP address of your server.
e) Having done this you now need to create site bindings in IIS.

2. For Site Bindings -

a) Open up IIS7 mmc console.
b) Browse to Default Web Site
C) On the right hand column click on "Bindings"
d) Click on ADD
e) Type:http, IP Address: All Unassigned (or your server IP), Port: 80, Hostname:
f) All done now. Open up command prompt and type: iisreset

Everything should now work as you want it to :)

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EZTEKAuthor Commented:
You sir. Are the man. (or woman??)
Thank you very much for a fast response, extremely accurate help.

EZTEKAuthor Commented:
This is what this site is all about. PERFECT!
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No worries. Man by the way :)

What about HTTPS access to the OWA of Exchange 2010?

This states a way to get http access to webmail but HTTPS requires a certificate to be loaded and doesn't allow you to pick the URL.

Any thoughts?
I have the same problem with when trying to connect to the webmail address internally when using the same internet line as the exchange server. however i can access it by using https://internalIP/owa. (We have 2 internet gateways) If i switch internet gateways on my local PC to the line which the exchange server does not use, i can connect fine. Whats more unusual is after i have sucessfully connected to the webmail after switching internet lines, if i switch back to the previus gateway it now still works. However if i flush the DNS on my local PC it no longer works, which suggest its something relating to DNS.

Any thoughts anyone?
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