How to call a mysql stored procedure from access without using pass through query

I have a stored procedure that creates table in mysql backend. How do I call this procedure without using pass through query.
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Can you please explain what you mean by "without using pass through query"
Explain the question.. The context is not clear
SheilsAuthor Commented:
Currently I have a pass through query call qrunproc with the following sql:

 call CreateTblApplicationSearch

where CreateTblApplicationSearch is the name of the stored procedure

To run the procedure I use the following code

Currentdb.Execute qrunproc

The problem is that this method activates the pass through query warning.  Deactivating the warning on each computer on the network is not an option
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SheilsAuthor Commented:
I am trying to call a mysql stored procedure from an ms access front end
I don't believe you can.
why do you not want to use a pass through?
I use pass throughs heavily and never saw a "pass through" specific warning. if you're talking about the action query warning you can disable that temporarily by issuing a docmd.setwarnings false before the db.execute and docmd.setwarnings true after
Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Indeed, SetWarnings doesn't affect the DAO methods of query execution.
Only the Access DoCmd object methods OpenQuery and RunSQL.
Executing the passthrough via either DAO or ADO object models would only raise an error (or, conceivably, a message passed back from the server is your code responds in that way).
Are you really using:
CurrentDb.Execute "qrunproc"

And you get the same message with:
CurrentProject.Connection.Execute "EXEC qrunproc"

What message exactly?

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I said you can't.  The two answerers both said something unrelated to the question.  Care to explain?
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