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Hi. I am wondering about how I might accomplish the following. I have a mysql database with about 10 fields. It contains tweets from twitter.
One of the fields is the tweet comment. There are also fields for city, country, longitude and latitude, and also date.
I am also using a java based open source application for data mining called WEKA. The classes for WEKA are all available for use.
One class in WEKA will take a string (in my case the tweet comment field) and break it into words and take out so-called stopwords like the, a, to, etc.
Actually what this class does is takes a whole bunch of comments (it reads in a csv file that has as one of its fields the comments, takes all the comments and breaks up each one into words with the result being a new set of records where each "word" is a column and each comment is a row) and it puts a 1 in every column where that word appears in that row's comment and a 0 in every column where that word does not appear in that row's comment.
I want to call this java class after making a query to the mysql database and apply the class to the queries result set. Then I want to post the results to a webpage.
How can I go about this?
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NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
you can populate a PHP array with your mysql results; then you can foreach the java class results array to essentially merge the results together. Afterwords you can foreach the merged results to your page.

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