Why everytine Symantec endpoint scan, pc sure hang?

There are few PCs installed with Symantec Endpoint protection 11.0. The problem is every time, whenever the scheduled scan runs, the PCs sure hung. What's went wrong and to resolve it?
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jhalapradeepConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Please check this document, it will help improve the client performance:

Also you can think of upgrading to the SEP 11.0 RU6. This is the latest revisiion update. Please check this link, this version includes new scan features for performance optimization.


Pradeep Jhala
Does it look like the hard drive is being highly utilized or what's the CPU utilization?  Our company went with SEP from SAV and I totally hate the scheduled scans.  My computer becomes completely useless during the scheduled scan.  When I investigated, the hard drive was being highly utilized.  Used Sysinternals' file monitor.
More than likley rtvscan.exe is using upwards of 50% of the CPU.......SEP is an app that is very heavy on resources.

Are you doing the scans after hours?
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One thing you might wanna look at it, is not havin ghte AV scan on file access/modified. Just on modified.....
Can you please privede the version of sep your are running?
Honestly anything below 11.0.4 causes problems.
BalackAuthor Commented:
Mine is SEP 11.0.2. I'll go onsite to do the upgrade today, and get back to you guys...
BalackAuthor Commented:
Should works this way
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