Identify in order wot work with these Joomla areas

We're kind of new, but in there, with Joomla.  We're working with Version 1.5.15.

The template we're using is "123wd-j15-12".

What we need is a bit of guidance on the section that are circled within the picture attached.

We want to know hoe to place them left right or middle as A, B and C is displayed and also switched them around, like B, C and A.

Also, the area circled D, how to delete that logo.

I just want to understand how make those sections or area and move them or place them at left, right, up or down.  We want to know how to do that and practice with it.
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Everything you need is in the Modules area. Each area circled is a module position. You can place more than one item in a module position, and you can have module positions stacked on top of each other. To see a preview of the module positions go to your URL and add ?tp=1, as in

This will give you a somewhat hard-to-read overlay of the template's module's positions.

Next open the file templates/123wd-j15-12/index.php
Search for the string type="modules"

Now you're looking at the code placement for the module positions. You'll find names user3, user4, left, top, user2, right,  debug
 The physical position on the page will be determined by the CSS, the HTML and then where the module is within the CSS and HTML.  

For instance, module position user3 is surrounded by div menu and div pillmenu identifiers, so look those up in the css/template.css to determine what effect the CSS has on module positioning. But we're getting to sophisticated for this template, which has basic top bottom left right positioning for the areas that concern you.

Now that you have an idea of how positioning works, go to Extensions, Module Manager. Note that you can filter by module position. You should recognize your content items you're looking to swap; note their module positions, edit the modules to change their module positions to the new desired target position. For the logo, unpublish that item in the module manager.

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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Great info!

Your link ""doesn't work (please send the correct one)

Ok I think I understand about the positions and played with them.  I got these questions:

  1. I played with the position of "C" GSCG and noticed that when placed on the "left", the header
      color turned light-gray like "A" of Resources.  Is the header color also hard coded or based
      on the left or right position?
  2. When changing position to Breadcrumbs, Footer, Syndicate, User3 and User 4, it
      disappear.  Why?

  3. When placing on "Right", it does goes on the right, but the header color changes to
      light-gray and its a bit more lower that when in position "User2".  Why is that?

 4. Are the positions User1, User2, User3 and User predetermine?

 5. On position User3, it moves the Newsflash to the extreme left
please post link to your site
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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
its not on a site, its on an intranet here in the office.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Hi joomla_php... you seem to be very knowledgeable with Joomle.  I placed another question pretty much related to this one.  Can you teake a look at it, thanx!
it'd be yourjoomlasite/index.php?tp=1

  1.  this is a css issue. Head color is going to be based on css. Look at the tags surrounding an item to determine css's influence on the area. Many templates have module suffixes such that adding a bit of code to the module suffix field in the module admin display area changes the css.
  2. When you're changing TO or FROM these positions. What was placed where when it disappeared?

  3. CSS

 4.  They are positioned via html and css in index.php. They don't have free will. :-)

 5.  On position User3, it moves the Newsflash to the extreme left
sorry missed 5 --
this is also a css issue.
Check the div tags
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Thanx for "yourjoomlasite/index.php?tp=1", it gives the position it's places, nice.

On the #1, " this is a css issue.", do you mean what appear in red, is that the "the tags surrounding an item; the "user3[none outline", "user2[rounded outline]?

On #2, i mean when I change the position in the admin to "Breadcrumbs, Footer, Syndicate, User3 and User 4", it stops displaying on the screen.  I would like to know why when changing position of the area "C" GSCG from "USER2" to any of the one mention, it won't be displayed.

#3, I understood

#4, I understood

On #5, understood, but can you give an example of where to find the "div tags" for the area "C" GSCG?
Those positions don't exist in your template. From my note above these are the only legal positions:  user3, user4, left, top, user2,  right,  debug

After it's installed use the css, view style info, click the item of interest, it will show you the css tags. Often that is not enough, go to your browser's view source to see what css is surrounding the item of interest.

The items in red are module position indicators. The css is tags surrounding the HTML. Two different things.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
sorry about the delay, just got back in.  Will continue tomorrow
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delay in answering the question, been away on a project.

Will recap soon
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