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needing direct online purchase link for PS/2 mouse for desktop pc

Hi Everyone;

         Tonight, I went to Wal-Mart in an attempt to purchase a PS/2 mouse for one of my desktop pc.  The only ones they had in inventory were either USB, optical, and laser.  It appears the newer systems probably don't even have PS/2 ports anymore.  At any rate, could someone provide a direct purchase link for a PS/2 mouse for a desktop pc?  

           Thank you.

4 Solutions
Hi George, are you in the UK?  If so ebuyer have some good prices at:

If your in another country try looking up PC World website local to you, sometimes you can get delivery or reserve for store pickup.  Online prices can be cheaper than going in store - I just saved about £10 from the store price on a printer just by ordering from PC World website.


If you can't find a ps2 mouse you can buy a ps/2  to usb adapter, it is a always well working tiny device that costs very little money here some links:




Please note well that exist also the opposite adapter so from usb to ps/2, this version works best if it is a signal convertor as explained here:


But if you need one of this you may find it at cheaper prices on other online shops or ebay shops, there are many versions and qualities around.

Logitech might still provide optical ps/2 mice for retrocompatibility, I am using one of them right now, if you want it without adapter look at logitech.

There is no other solution as far as I know, buy a device with ps/2 connector if still available or buy a usb device and an ps/2 to usb adapter, or for the opposite problem buy a usb to ps/2 signal convertor


Here is the link for the logitech optical ps/2 mouse


First of all, optical, and laser refer to the tracking method not connection type.
I make most of my computer hardware purchases on New Egg. They have good prices, reasonable and fast shipping and stand behind what they sell.
Here is a good choice for a mouse.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone;

         I had a chance to review everyone's input on this question and found each shared insight and link given to be helpful.  After looking over everything and doing some personal checking of my own, I initially went to pricewatch.com and found a purchase link for a very affordable, $5.44,  PS/2 mouse on a 3BTech.com link.  When the mouse arrived, unfortunately the left mouse button was unresponsive.  However, the right mouse button did work just fine.  So, I will be seeking a replacement since I have a 30 day warranty on this mouse.  

          As a temporary fix, I took the current malfunctioning PS/2 mouse apart and thoroughly cleaned it including the tracking ball.  When I took it apart to clean it, I was surprise how much lint, dirt, tiny hairs, etc. were inside this mouse.  After cleaning it and putting it back together, I am now able to fully navigate the cursor left, right, up, and down without any problems.  Apparently, the PS/2 mouse simply just needed cleaning as opposed to being replaced.  At any rate, I will still go ahead and seek the replacement of the defective new one sent by 3btech.com.  If it test out good, I will keep it handy just in case I have further issues with the current mouse.  Oh, by the way, I did the majority of the cleaning of the PS/2 mouse using que tips and alcohol.  As far as the plastic covering, I just thoroughly washed it wish soapy warm water just in case someone has issues with their mouse and considering replacing it.

              Thanks again everyone for the input.  Everyone's feedback was certainly appreciated.

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