cannot create ad hoc in windows 7

I am trying to create ad hoc in windows 7 but it gives me a message saying : "Your system administrator does not allow you to create ad hoc (computer-to-computer) networks.For more information, contact your system administrator."
My current user has administrator privileges.
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Try turning off uac for this install or use cmd, right click it and choose Run as admin
type in nacp.cpl and hit enter. Otherwise use the built in Admin account.
Good luck
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
Thank you for response.

You probably meant ncpa.cpl to run but I checked it before and there is not much that could help me. Properties of wireless card have ad hoc settings and all seems to be in order.
Disabling UAC in windows 7 does not give much effect as it would in Vista though I am really confused as to user rights to perform ad hoc operation. I am administrator but it seems to be not helping much. Local administrator is disabled. will try to enable it and see if it helps.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did but everything stops at part 4 with the message given in the case's subject.
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
Please see attached report file for the given above link. Content is self explainable.
Can you supply info on your network setup.  Are you dialup?
Is your other wireless on?
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:

Currently I am connected via Ethernet cable with a small local ISP. I am assigned static IP with /24 mask, default gateway and a couple of DNSes as usual. Nothing special.

I have another laptop with wireless on and a few ISP providers SSIDs around but I don't see any difference whether I have or haven't those when I try to create my ad-hoc wireless.

Just to note: a couple of months ago I still used a beta version of Windows 7 Ultimate and everything worked pretty well with ad-hoc by then. Now I have a full original Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits but this strange behavior with this simple setup I stumbled over. Apart from that there is nothing in addition to the error message that I could use to identify it somehow. No logs, no ID.
Are you trying to connect to NIR
Do you have any other wireless on?
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
No, NIR is a test network I used at some other location. Simply did not bother to delete it from the list.
Again, both laptops need to be on and configured to accept connection and with proper permissions.
If you're connecting to xp, you may need to use the lower encryption.
Check that firewall is not blocking you
Check drivers for latest on both machines especially x64
See if you have Bonjour loaded and disable for now.
Run sfc /scannow for file repair
Check the pc website for any issues.
Lastly you may want to do a repair install of win7 to fix hidden issues.

As an alternative give this a try 
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Try this utility "connectify"
Glad to see you agree with my choice of utility  :-)
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
I like it and knew about it before but still it doesn't feel good to know that there is something wrong with my W7 :). After all it worked before so what is wrong now?
it's windows!  LOL   Some items may have very well been changed from beta and if you didn't do a clean install, of you did even, something went astray. Repair install is pretty fast and simple.
You can try connectify and see if you make a connection. If not, definitely repair.
Let me know if you need repair link.
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
tried everything except repair but none helped. Connectify says no virtual miniport being installed. Updated drivers for my intel wireless pro/3945abg and still no solution. I am strongly concerned about some policy restrictions although cannot find out which ones. UAC being disabled before but it did not change anything. Looks real desperate to me. Any more help?

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sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
thank you for link. will try it now and revert back with results.
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
Thank you for patience and support centerv. Points are all yours - repair install helped.
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
Solution helped to solve the problem though it was a link to a fully prepared task created by someone else.
Glad you're up.  As an aside, links that point you in the right direction are a big part of this forum.
Especially the visual ones. There's no merit in me or anyone else writing directions for every single issue
when it's readily available and spells it out. When it comes to info, it's knowing what to use and where to get that info, after all I don't fault a dictionary for having info that someone else wrote.
Hopefully in the future you won't use that against the person helping you by assigning a lower grade because of it.
Good luck  :-)
sycamoresrvAuthor Commented:
sorry if I disappointed you - did not mean anything negative. Will do better next time :)
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