cmd - Application not found - how to fix this?


It seems a client recenlty had a virus and they said although they think fixed they have problems. Therefore they try and start some programs and it says unknown file type and gives them options on what they want to use and run it.

I loged in remotely (After some difficulty as at first would not run the log me in remote file) and notice when I type cmd into Run it says

Application not found

I did find this posting but wanted to be sure and get more authoritive opinons on what the problem is.

Any input  appreciated.

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Your link is to Doug Knox. Same result.

Chris B
Fix is here -
Had just the same problem the other day. Use the exe fix.

Chris B
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
A virus can indeed damage / remove those reg entries. Applying the fix does no harm, and there is a reasonable probability that it will solve the issue.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Seemed to work great. Thanks!
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