Small form factor, good loooking but powerful (Core i5) PC - Any recommendations?

My client would like to buy a small form factor, ideally black, or some other stylish look PC that will go into their office.

I thought Dell or HP would have something but they don't have any small form factors that I can find that have a Cor i5 or above processor in it.

Any other recommendations for a desktop PC that does or looks very stylish. Going into a fashion office and I am recommending for network reasons they don't go Mac.

Note the one Dell XPS desktop we saw was rejceted as bit bigger then required and the white body and black front did not go well. Could get away with the size if the entire box was black and stylish, but ideally smaller.
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hi! there... well this seems to be a difficult combination to get Small Form factor (SFF) itself require smaller on ...hence with i5 or i7 its pretty difficult to go smaller than a certain limit.Please go through the following sites...hope you find your desired machine.

1.  Try this system by Cyberpower

2.  Do browse through this list of PC models
      Cnet :;srt&sort=edRating7+desc

      Intel :

hope this may of some help to you .


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Chris BRetiredCommented:
Acer 3 litre. External power supply - like a big laptop unit. Remove the optional stand and place flat under the monitor. Very cool. Ideal for reception desks etc where style is as important as space. This is the Australian site, but the item will be available in your area also. Acer Veriton L480G - check the list, there are a couple of other versions in the business PC section.

Chris B.
Many models of hp micro tower and small form factors as well as workstations will sit on its side with a couple minutes of reconfiguring exterior drives.
look for convertible in the description. They're also made to order so you can RYO.
Good luck
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well if you can make your customer agree with the old Dual core CPU then Dell has an option which is really cute and small...
You need to keep in mind that corporate PCs are typically designed for a longer product cycle (18 months-2 years) than consumer PCs, so it's harder to find corporate PCs that incorporate the latest CPUs, especially in a specific form factor, e.g. small form factor or ultra small.  Neither Dell nor HP currently incorporate the core I-5 or higher processors in those models.   Dell does offer core 2 quads in their Optiplexes if you need a Dell and want a quad core for that size chassis.   If you must have that size chassis and a core I-5 processor, you may want to look at the lenovo ThinkCentre M90 models ThinkCentre M90p Ultra Small Form Factor and ThinkCentre M90p Small Form Factor.   Of the major corporate desktop manufacturers, they're the first to put the Core I-series in their desktops.
You may have a look to Shuttle's new flagship SX58H7 HTPC,7029.html
hey have you checked with Dell's Alienware yet ? Hottest thing ! in PC world now ! it can be customized for i3/i5 as per your requirement! please take a look !
Dell's Inspiron Mini is also good option if low on budget!
afflik1923Author Commented:
thanks for all input so far. Will close this thread soon.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Thanks for all the input. Tried to split points between all input.
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