Matrix column grouping

With SSRS 2005, is it possible for a row to be included in more than one matrix column?  Using the column grouping expression below, the S1 and S2 values only appear in the first 2 columns.  Just curious before I scrap the matrix and go with a table instead.      

A = 1
B = 1
C = 2
D = 0
E = 0
F = 0
S1 = .5
S2 = .5

Matrix Column Group Expression examples:

Attempt 1:
=iif(some.Value), " ", switch(
            Fields!some.Value = "A" or Fields!some.Value = "S1", ColGrp1,
            Fields!some.Value = "B" or Fields!some.Value = "S2", ColGrp2,
            Fields!some.Value = "C" or Fields!some.Value = "S1" or Fields!some.Value = "S2", ColGrp3,
            Fields!some.Value = "D", ColGrp4,
            Fields!some.Value = "E", ColGrp5,
            Fields!some.Value = "F", ColGrp6))

Attempt 2:
=iif(Fields!some.Value = "A" or Fields!some.Value = "S1", 1,
            iif(Fields!some.Value = "B" or Fields!some.Value = "S2", 2,
            iif(Fields!some.Value = "C" or Fields!some.Value = "S1" or Fields!some.Value = "S2", 3,
            iif(Fields!some.Value = "D", 4,
            iif (Fields!some.Value = "E", 5,
            iif(Fields!some.Value = "F", 6, " "))))))


            ColGrp1      ColGrp2      ColGrp3      ColGrp4      ColGrp5      ColGrp6
Values            1.5      1.5         2          0          0            0

Required Results:

            ColGrp1      ColGrp2      ColGrp3      ColGrp4      ColGrp5      ColGrp6
Values            1.5      1.5          3          0          0          0
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Megan BrooksSQL Server ConsultantCommented:
I think what you want can probably be done, but I am having trouble visualizing your question in a reasonable amount of time. There is a lot of flexibility in the matrix data region through creating  multiple row and column groups, and possibly through hiding and showing text boxes (though SSRS 2008 is better at hiding and showing correctly).

A picture might help, such as a spreadsheet example of what you want the matrix report to look like. It might also help if you could distinguish between query rows and columns and matrix rows and columns in your question.

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try this in the column add a rectangle, this will let you add multi textboxes then widen the column and add your textboxes and in the textbowxes add the fields you want.
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