What is HP Protect Tools

I understand that the HP Protect Tools are for security and protection but I would like more concise answer to this utility.

Attach s the the "About" of the software and another pic of the option it presents me.

My question is:

1.  What is the Drive Encryption for and how safe or recommended is for activating it?  
     (I think I don't have it activated)

2. I have a constant annoyance when entering username and passwords.  This utility is
    activated all the time.  How safe is it to have all my usersnames/password saved
    by this utility and its it a recommended practice.

Like always, EE has given a no-nonsense answers to all my questions and greatly appreciated if it clears up this one for me.

Thanx in advance
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A set of utilities installed in business setups. Use it at your will.

rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Thnak you.  Can you answer my 2 questions?
Your Answers:

1. Drive Encryption encodes (or encrypts, or scrambles) the data on your hard drive so nobody but you can read it. You can access it with a pasword or a fingerprint reader. It is very safe, but do not lose or password, or your data may be irretrieveable.

2. Having it save your password is only safe if you're sure nobody will be accessing this computer that you do not want to. There's always a trade off between security and ease of use.

Honestly, I typically uninstall Protect Tools myself, as I find it gets in the way, but it depends on how secure you need your laptop to be.

Have a great day!

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Protect tools a couple version ago was simply a tool to configure your bios while in windows
and collect the info for your hardware. Its now developed into a bunch of security apps working again
with bios and built in chip to foil thiefs better.  Bios security is harder to break than windows security
especially if using fingerprint and smart cards. Bios passwords harder to crack than windows and so on.
Most of these tools are high security and used by govt and high level corp needing that type of security or if it needs lock down for fear of theft.
Drive encryption you can compare to windows bitlocker or similar.
Check this link for more specific details.  All tools are safe to use within their limitations and not for casual use.
They're intended to lock down your pc as much as possible without locks and chains. Personal choice.
Most users  I know do not use or need for those purposes.
Good luck


These tools serve to protect your PC.
Using them is a matter of choice.
Unless you really need them badly,I suggest you remove them.
Drive encryption might be tempting but remember
data scrambling/descrambling take time and resources.

If you want to learn about drive encryption read here :

Is it Ok to have this utility for initial paswords login?
If you find it annoying then the answer is obvious...
Question should be do you need a password hassle for your login or no?
If you do then you should bear with it...else remove it.
How important is your data,only you know....
The issue how 'safe' it is I can't really tell you.
If an intruder is determined to get in,sooner or later he will find the way in.
It adds to 'is your pc that important for someone to waste time and resources on it'.

Couple of years ago I stumbled upon some debate in which it was
stated that PGP encryption was 'cracked' by US government under
pretex of national security.
They probably made an offer the company could not refuse....
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Great Info, Than!

Regarding Drive Encryption, 2 questions:

   1. Can I install it or set it up and then uninstall it?
   2. When installed, is the performance noticeably lag or slower?

One question regarding the username/password:

   Regarding the annoying username/password, I still don't understand how is that an additional
   protection.  I mean I enter the password on my webpages, etc.,

  1. How do the username/password that keeps popping up helps in additional security?
1. You can
2. Performance is slower.How much depends on the processor power.

For the last part:
If you are a classical user of windows - windows prompts you to store
entered passwords for easier later use.
However this password database,since it is known,usually is a target
for malware whacko's so they do take great pains to get into it.
HP protect uses it's 'vault' to store this passwords.
Is it safer or not can't really tell you since I do not use it.
(I have a Norton one which I also do not use :)   )
In principle it should be much safer.
You must understand that security always comes with a price.
In this case password nag.
If you want my advice : get rid of the tools and never store any passwords on your PC.
You can install or remove any of the features at any time.
Anything you install will take a hit on the pc because the item installed is always running.

Which passwords are we talking about?  
The preboot? which you enter before windows starts? That's what makes it more secure.
The Credential Manager? which remembers passwords that you use to login to websites and others.
Or is it IE8 that's asking to remember passwords. If you've not installed Credential Manager, then it's
Internet Explorer asking to remember passwords for websites.
These programs have always been available in some form or other from different companies
and if they wanted to run them, they bought them.  HP is making them available on their higer end machines
for free as an addon.  The rule of thumb here is that if you were not aware of these programs and you
would not go out and buy them, then don't install them simply because they're there.
Some of the features are built into windows 7 and if you should run into problems with windows,
highly probable at some point, it'll be much easier for anyone to help you resolve issues without those
programs being installed as most are not even aware of them let alone be familiar with them or use them, as you can see by the responses you've had here.
Good luck.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
The password is The Credential Manager.  Every time I sign onto anything, I get this annoying message to accept.  How is that secure or credential?
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
please comment on my last input, thanx
Ramante, I think we've exhausted the subject. If you don't see or have the need for it, than it's not for you.
Otherwise configure it any way you want to use it. There should plenty of documentation on the pc
or the website on it's install and use.
Those tools  come only with high end business machines and not on every machine that HP sells. Some businesses, as I think I covered above, need that level of security and some don't. They just want a better machine and not the software and remove it or don't use.  
Just because its there doesn't mean you need it.  Best of luck with your new machine.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Thank for the input, and greatly appreciate your comments.

It's that on "04/19/10 06:15 AM, ID: 31190559", you asked "Which passwords are we talking about?  and I answered the next day "The password is The Credential Manage".  Since there were no answer, I just figure to send a reminder today so I can finally understand how "The Credential Manager" protects me.   And thing is it constantly asking me the same question each time I log in, so how does this helps?

Thanx for your patience
How long have you had this machine?
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
4 month
Give them a call. They have excellent support for their business products including help with setup under their warranty.
That's something that gets limiting in this medium.
Not trying to brush you off but I do think we've exhausted our options here.
Use this link to check your warranty options

rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Your question has nothing to do with 'warranty' ...
Usage is something different.
You don't phone HP and ask them 'Hey - how do you use this ?'
They can answer of course if they wish,but in most cases they will
point to your help files,printed manual or some of their forums.
But I think what you wanted to know has already been answered
in full...Or no ? :)
senad, you obviously haven't been there first hand and don't know what you're talking about or you
wouldn't be saying it and frankly I'm getting tired of you making offhand remarks off the cuff that serve
no purpose as well as stepping in and over people's comments, saying what's already been said.
I thought you would have by now but apparently not, so it's time you picked up or learned some manners and show some respect for  others!
Gentlemen, this is not the place. Ramante, to answer your question, Credential Manager can protect you in that you can use it to pick a really long, hard password that is difficult to remember and crack. Credential Manager will automatically fill this in for you on sites that you tell it to. Does that help?
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Yes it did help.

I did call HP but for some reason I was transfer to different techs until the call was cut off.

I will close the question

Thanx to all
Sorry for the intrusion here but sometimes it can't be helped. It's been a long time coming.

Ramante, HP business help is very good so be sure you call their business support number, and your
warranty does cover setup of the machine for the first 6 months of the 3 years.
You may want to go to their business website and register an account. You'll be assigned an account manager. You'll most likely need it in times ahead.
Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Good luck to you.
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