mysql udf to remove words from string less than x chars

Hi experts,
does anybody know a mysql user defined function that can be used for a field to return only words which have more than 3 or 4 chars?

when i have the followning string in my column x and want to have all the words > 3 chars
"Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix" should retrurn
"Harry Potter Orden Phönix"

how can i achive this?

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SQL is not recomanded for string manipulations and if you implement it in the SQL engine, you may suffer from performance peroblems, therefor, I recommend that you will get the whole string and manipulate it in your business layer code ..
bibabutzeAuthor Commented:
i can do it only at mysql. It will be a part of a maintenance job which only runs once a day at night time to create a new table. so performance should not be the issue
Sorry for not having the time to write it for you , but here are the directions:

1) You can do that only in cursor when you fetch value by value from the table into a variable and manipulate it.

2) In the cursor loop you should use string manipulation functions to do your job , basically INSTR() to find the next space , SUBSTR() to get the a word and  LENGTH() to check the word length and decide if to add it to a string result variable that you should print per table row.
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bibabutzeAuthor Commented:
do you have maybe a small example for that. Or how can i loop in a string within the function to do your no. 2?
This is unchecked code , @source is the original string @destination is the one you are looking for ....

SET @source = 'Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix';
SET @destination = '';
SET @i = SELECT INSTR(@source , ' ');
WHILE @i > 0 DO
     SET @next = LEFT(@source ,@i - 1)
     if LENGTH(@next) > 3
         SET @destination = @destination + @next + ' '
     SET @source = SUBSTRING(@source,@i + 1);
     SET @i = SELECT INSTR(@source , ' ');

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One more addition

after the loop , add this (to catch the last word)

SET @destination = @destination + @source

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