Exchange PF Migration - 5.5 to 6.0

I'm migrating a DC (Win2k, Exch5.5) of a sub-domain (SIN) to its parent domain (SYD), however a lot of the Exch public folders aren't replicating to the SYD Exchange server.

I have just migrated the SIN file server from the SIN sub-domain and promoted it to a DC on the SYD domain, but it shouldn't have caused any issues with the SIN DC or Exchange.

I've tried migrating the public folders from the SIN DC to the SYD Exch server using pfdavadmin.exe but it's coming up with this error (see screenshot) and there are simply too many to do it manually.

Can I simply migrate the SIN DC with Exch 5.5 and public folders on to the SYD Domain or will this cause major problems with Public Folders?

Basically, is there any way I can replicate the Public Folders to the SYD Exch server so I easily add the SIN DC to the SYD domain without any problems?

I have 8 hours to do this in.  Any help would be much appreciated.
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Vishal BreedConnect With a Mentor Program ManagerCommented:
This error is generic. Mostly IIS components or permssions issue cause this issue for pfdavadmin. Besides this, do not execute pfdavadmn from client/workstation computer or mapped drive.

Please refer a command line MS Tool - PFMIGRATE!!

More on troubleshooting PF replication -

If you are going to use only E2K3 server later; I would suggested to move all user mailboxes first and then move public folders using pfmigrate. Please do not forget to decommision E55 server.
E-proAuthor Commented:
Thanks Vishal.  I'll give it a shot and i'll get back to you.
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