word press template: background image madness?!?

I am trying to implement a word press template on this site:


there is a background image called " bg.jpg"

I cannot find how the image is being called up.

It does not appear in the HTML or CSS...

Also when i click on 1 of the navlinks at the top, the image is no longer displayed.

But if you return back to the home page it appears again.

Any help would be great, I am baffled!
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There is a div id of bg and there is a table in it with your bg.jpg.
The path is: http://replayyourday.co.uk/wp-content/themes/citydreams/citydreams/images/bg.jpg 
Hope that helps.
h0rhayAuthor Commented:
thanks for that, now i just need to work out why its not displaying on the other pages...
h0rhayAuthor Commented:
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