LCD monitor doesn't work: flickers/grainy image

You get this horizontal lines coming up on the screen lines.  You can see it in the attached video.  Any ideas?
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Have you tried the LCD on another PC...or hook it up to a laptop monitor out to see if it does that same thing? If it works on another computer, it's either your video card or cable/connection. If it's bad on another computer, then I'm afraid your monitor is bad.

As i see the video , your monitor receives external radio interference, try to isolate signal cable from power  cable. Also perhaps your monitor is nearby another electronic device that create such radio signals.
Try to change the location of the monitor , also the data cable of the monitor ... it may have a shield problem.
That looks like when my video card started to fail...  that kind of stuff was going on.

But I would follow TK-77 's advice first...  just to check it out.
mrtuxAuthor Commented:
I hooked my laptop up to this monitor and it works perfectly!

Any chance I can fix my video card?
Not likely. you can try re-seating the card or if it has another monitor out connection, you can try hooking up the monitor to that. Also, did you try a new cable?

Most likely you need a new card.


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