Need to create a sharepoint workflow?

I need to create a sharepoint workflow which will send an email once every week. It has to be a sharepoint designer workflow and it should run using out of the box workflow actions. And also he workflow should run on list basis not for per item. For example. If any item in a list has status "Submitted" it should trigger a workflow. In the sense it should send only one email for all the items that have "Submitted" status and that need to be done once a week.

Have been working on it for  about a week now, I rally need help on this one!!

Thanks in advance.
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quihongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's not possible or easily possible. Workflows are item based and can not be scheduled (once a week).

My recommended solution would be a powershell script and that uses the SharePoint object model. Run the script on your share point server once a week via the task scheduler.
event receivers can be run off actions to a list rather than an item. Couple of questions...
How does the item have a status change, if this is manually ie someone updating the itme, then the workflow could be triggered by an update to the item, check the status and if the status = the required value then the action can be taken.
If it is updated from another workflow, it is probably worth looking into event recievers and the item updated event.
If you want this to be an action which triggers once per week,  checks all of the list items for the status or status change to the required status this would require a sharepoint time job, or a workflow written in visual studio which re-hydrates once per week to check the list.
One thing is for certain,  you cannot detect actions on a list (not a listitme) from the out of the box sharepoint designer workflows (Although you can write custom one fo these).
If you can provide more specific description we may be able to help you find a demo or tutorial which is close to what you need.
You could use OOTB alerts to send summary emails once a week. Thats pretty much your only shot without using Visual Studio for one of many different possible solutions.
samer_othman82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Using sharepoint designer is fair enough for you
you should use sahrepoint designer version 2 ,
first step should be
Check if status = submited
if yes then send email
you should use pause for duration method ( here you should assign 7days ) which means the workflow will pause for 7 days
then in add second step contains
check if status = submited
then send email
all these functionalities can be achieved from sharepoint designer
this link is very useful and you can understand my point from here

bhavneet83Author Commented:
it turns out , that we have write workflow in VS
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