SBS 2008: Logon Script

i created a small batch (logon.bat) file for network shared folder and try to add this to GPO logon script in User Configuration.

The problem is, when i try to copy the said file (logon.bat) under the "SysVol GPO GUID\User\Scripts\" it gives an error message "Access Denied", but iam using SBS network Administrator account with full privelege..Please help. Thank you.
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charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
@ CrisHana/ Evilsi, i post comments and got what i need to know on this topic

Thank you.
Cris HannaCommented:
Login scripts are essentilaly no longer used with Server 2008.  What does the logon script do?
charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
To map network drives, the OS is SBS 2008
Use group policy to map network drives,
Create a new GP called 'Drive Maps', edit it and goto 'User Configuration', 'Preferences' , 'Windows Settings'  then 'Drive Maps'. You can create your drive mappings here with extra rules for exclusions etc..
Apply the GP to the users OU not the computers OU in group policy management.
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