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Special characters and formated text in C#?

I am programming an aplication reading some information from my own web page, I know is not the best code ever done, but this is what I am using, and when I get some special characters like in spanish or french á, é, í, ó, ú or others, so when it is reading a phrase like:

- "más percusión"

It returns like:

- "más percusión"

So when I save some of the info in a DB it save me that with weird chars, not the normal ones.

I am using the Encoding 1252, Any idea to fix the problem?

public string getDocumento_Txtx(string direccion)
            System.Net.WebClient Client = new WebClient();
            Stream strm = null;
                strm = Client.OpenRead(direccion);
            }catch(Exception r)
                if (r.Message.Contains("404"))
                    return "Archivo Inexistente";

            StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(strm,    System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding(1252));
            string line = "";
            string todo_1 = "";

                line = sr.ReadLine();

                todo_1 = todo_1 + Environment.NewLine + line;

            while (line != null);


            return todo_1;


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rperezretanaAuthor Commented:
Ok, I found a solution, and this sucks... I paid so much for this answer and someone in ayhoo answers gave me a clue...

I just change the return value for:

return System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding(1252).GetString(Encoding.GetEncoding(1252).GetBytes(todo_1.ToCharArray()));

And that solved my problem...
return System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding(1252).GetString(Encoding.GetEncoding(1252).GetBytes(todo_1.ToCharArray()));

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I wonder if you will have to precede your string value with N while storing it in database. i .e. while specifying it as a parameter to your stored proc or even directly in the insert query.

You must precede all Unicode strings with a prefix N when you deal with Unicode string constants in SQL Server

Check this out link as well.

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