eprocessingnetwork -Transaction Declined

Trying to make a merchant account at eprocessing network work with shopping cart.
Every transaction says "Declined -System error-AVS response unknown
Shopping cart is working fine with paypal - need to add the merchant account by using a authorize,net emulator - no further info
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AVS response unknown means an error and/or mismatch  in the address that is passed usually. So is it possible that teh addresses that get passed are different from the ones on file? Maybe they are a bit more stricter than paypal. Other from this - I suspect that you might need to talk to them about what kind of verification they do on authorization...

http://www.webhostingtalk.com/archive/index.php/t-463262.html for some disucssions by the way.

Why dont you login to Eprocessingnetwork control panel and disable AVS for test purpose. Then you can see if payments gets through the payment gateway or there is some other issue..
lfrankyAuthor Commented:
I have tried already the only three setting they have for processing - and I am currently using "Authorizations Only" which say " Unconditional, regardless of AVS/CVV2 response received" - but still does not work.

I has tried before the default recommended which is SALES = " Unconditional regardless of AVS/CVV2 response received" as well.

Thank you for the suggestion.
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lfrankyAuthor Commented:
I has initially replied to Venabili - but the post didn't show up.
I said
It does not seem to be a verification of a specific purchase since we have tried multiple ones - that we know work , address, datat etc. and besides the customers are trying with no success. So it is not a specific case of not recognizing an address and therefore rejecting it.
Thank you
better to contact payment gateway support for this issue.
>So it is not a specific case of not recognizing an address and therefore rejecting it.

But this is what the error says. So if you are sure it is not it, you need to talk with the gateway support as neeraj523 said - the error is pointing to the AVS and if it is not it, then there is a bug or a setting somewhere that you miss. And only the support there can know what it is.
lfrankyAuthor Commented:
Thank you Vnebili - will try support which was closed all weekend - and I needed the help. But thanks.
lfrankyAuthor Commented:
There was an error in the setup by the merchant account.
Unfortunately during the weekend they had no service.
I lost many hours and appreciate your help.
As soon as they changed the proper setting everything started working immediately

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