DSLR camera for 24/365 operation to replace ip camera


I often use IP-webcams for outdoor automatic internet-photostations. But even our high quality surveillance ip cameras only have 3 megapixels, no good dynamic, sometimes too long shutter time and have no possibility to synchronize/connect a flash.
So I thought to use an DSLR camera. To connect it to IP and transfer pictures via FTP I can use a rugged industry PC with linux and an USB library to access the camera.
Because I’m new to DSLRs I’m not sure whether they can meet my special requirements:

- ability to electronically press the shutter
- use it outdoor (maybe with a waterproof housing?)
- can I put the camera in such a housing together with the flash? (use an own housing for the flash, or maybe an outdoor flash?)
- does an DSLR run 24/365? I’ve seen that some people use them to do long time timelapse sessions – so maybe some DSLRs are built for continuous operation. Is the camera firmware stable enough to run continuously over months without casual system crashes and a need to be rebooted sometimes?
- the DSLR should work just with a power supply and maybe even without battery inside?
- in case of a power outage the camera should start again when power returns. There is no one on site that can press a power button.

Some model suggestions or any other hints would be nice.

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tygrus2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sites to check

Most SLR cameras allow for AC adapter operation. Not sure off remote on/off but SLR constant on doesn't need sensor/image processing constantly running (live view off, mirror to optical view finder not sensor). Mirrorless (Live-view only) designs not recomended.
robert_skywalkerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the live view hint!
Any further ideas for the outdoor usage of the flash?
robert_skywalkerAuthor Commented:
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