Status lights on Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection

I recently had to reinstall Windows XP on my desktop (Dell Dimension 8300) and so had to re-set up my internet which I share with 4 others in my house.

I noticed that whereas previously there was a green light near the port for the cat5 cable (which I think flashed green) there is now a solid red light which flashes orange. My NIC is an Intel(R) PRO/100 VE and it is built into the motherboard.

Now, the connection seems to be functioning but it does seem to be somewhat slower than it used to be. I have checked that its plugged in properly here and at my friends computer (the host) and believe I have the most up to date driver, so I am at a loss as to why this light has changed colour.

Does anyone know what could of caused this? Or, even better - what do the different colour lights mean? It's one of those little things which is really bugging me.
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Sounds like it is only connecting at 10 meg. What does it say in the Nic Properties?
If it is set to Auto, try setting it manually to 100 meg.
Normally on modern NICs  with 3 LED ports
GREEN Status LED Speed LED green = Link up at 100 meg
GREEN Status LED Speed LED dark = Link up at 10 meg
GREEN Status LED Speed LED orange = Link up at 1000 megabits

But some of the old NICs used Orange to denote 100 meg.
RED Suggests you are at something like 10/Half.
Probably a cabling, port error, or auto-negotiation error.

Perhaps before you re-installed you had the NIC hard-set to 100/Full, and lost that setting when re-installing ?

May be a negotiation issue if your switch was hard-set to 100/Full for that port.
Both sides need to match,  if the switch is  set  to auto-negotiate/auto-switch the speed on that port, then the NIC should ideally be set the same way.

Failing that, hard set to 100/Half,  if you can only change one side  (e.g. unmanaged switch).

I suggest trying a different cable and checking your card, perhaps it was inadvertently damaged physically somehow, when you were in the process of re-installing OS...


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atheistwithfaithAuthor Commented:
In properties it says it is connected at 100Meg.

The desktop had been moved 100 miles and back, during which time I reinstalled windows - so I suppose it is quite possible that physical damage had occurred, though it would seem odd no other functions on the motherboard were affected.

I am not at home right now but will try your suggestions later.
atheistwithfaithAuthor Commented:
Pretty much on the ball:
Red seems to indicate 100meg
Green indicates 10meg.

Orange flashing indicates data transfer.

Though using red as indicated a faster connection seems counter-intuitive to me, oh well.
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