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I am running VMware Fusion and have a need to have various Server OS on different VMs, but want to keep these servers running on segmented networks, so that their services do not interfere with another. For example, if I am running my home network on, and want a Windows Server 2003 machine to be running but not have services such as DHCP, DNS interfere with home network, then how do I configure Network Adapter and TCP/IP Properties for this?
I realize I need to have a static IP on server, so how best do I achieve the above that also allows the server to access the default gateway of the home network for internet access?
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just realised my mistake i think you will have to set the gateway on the same sub network as it, sorry. you could always manually set all your clients so that they do not gain anything from dhcp, and then they will always point to the right places for dhch. otherwise you will need another router to physically set them separate, unless as you say you are using vm's you just do not allow them access to the external network... sorry about the mistake in the first post
I believe you could set the servers address to something like with a subnet of and then set your gateway as your router providing you do not set dhcp to interfere with your home network this should work. please note that the subnet will only have space for another 1 computer
FlippAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

My next step was to have a second physical router on the home LAN and setup the separation that way, but surely this can be done with Virtual configuration or a Virtual Router?

I am hoping that I do not have to make any changes to home LAN or Router - but can if necessary.
I have to say i am not that experienced with fusion and its been a while since i ve used vmware. but you could create another vm with 2 network interfaces and then bridge the connection between the 2.

server vm<<>>bridge vm <<>> outside world

like i say its been a while since i ve done anything like this so someone more qualified might have more insight into this but i would have thought it would work
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