Mirror iSCSI .VHD to local drive using Microsoft iSCSI Target: Similar to Kernsafe iStorage

Is it possible to mirror a Microsoft iSCSI .vhd...a feature that is similar to Kernsafe iStorage Server (http://www.kernsafe.com/product.aspx?id=5&&name=Features)?

Using Windows Server 2008 with iSCSI target 3.2, I have a d:\ drive (on one raid controller 1) that holds "mirror1.vhd" and an e:\ drive (on raid controller 2) that holds mirror2.vhd. I would like to mirror these vhd's and make them available to an initiating server.

The idea here is to protect the data in the mirrors in the event of a raid controller failure.

Is this type of setup even possible?

Thanks in advance
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No. It is not possible.

You can give both VHDs as iSCSI targets and make mirror on the initiator machine or just mirror drives with VHDs.
There is no possibility of making mirror at the MS iSCSI Target level.
You could mirror the whole D: and E: drives of course.
citadelnetAuthor Commented:
Thank you gtworek for this clarification...I was beating my head trying to find the answer on ths :-]

Andyalder...I'm looking at your solution. I have two Adaptec 5405 adapters, one running D:\ drive and the other running E:\ drive. I know that I could mirrior these drives using software based raid (Windows). Is it possible to do hardware raid on these adapters...somehow combining these adapters or do I need special adapters to support this configuration or is this option...not an option.

Thank your both for your help on this!
I can't think of any RAID controllers that do mirroring across two controllers (duplexing) but at least software RAID 1 doesn't have the CPU overhead of software RAID 5.
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