how to use a Kingston 2GB data traveler for a folder on my desktop?

when my old computer lost a motherboard, I had to get a new one. My "favorites" from my Windows IE were saved, all in a folder on my desktop. Now it's time to move to another computer. I've never used a floppy or disc for anything, so looking for details on how to use my Kingston 2GB data traveler to move this folder from one pc to another.
Once the data is placed on the new pc will it be in the same form? (as a folder on my desktop?)
And then the data traveler will be empty and ready for another use?

Now this is a folder of all my favorites from a previous machine. I have NEW favorites on my current computer and they are in the drop down list at the top of my IE browser.
Are all those links located on my system?
where to find that folder?
I can easily move them to my new pc using the Kingston?
Once that folder is removed will my "favorites" list at the top
of my IE be "empty?" (no list)

As I keep using this Kingston, what happens when the data I need to move over is greater than 2 GB?

the current pc is Windows XP
the new machine is, unfortunately Windows Vista.
Will this affect anything at all?
My favorites are treaured sites and if I have to manually move them by using open and paper I will.
However,  I have a 1Gb and 2GB Kingston and looking to learn to use them.
WHAT can go wrong? The data is lost somehow during the transfer? Thus a reason to "back up" (but I've never backed up anything but my desk chair)

Could this favorites folder be sent as an attatchment by email just as easily?

Will add points as responses warrant.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Find your favorites in XP @ C:\Documents and Settings\<ProfileName>\Favorites
in Vista @ C:\Users\<ProfileName>\Favorites
Copy them as you would any other files into a folder on the Kingston Stick and then back into the new folder
If you copy the files then they won't "disappear" from your list in IE - if you Cut & Paste them they will.
If you want to try email (or just another way of transferring them) Use the Import/Export option under the file menu in Internet Explorer
(See this link )

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What Masqueraid said works perfectly well and is the correct solution. What I'm suggesting is an alternative idea where you can move all your internet favourites and settings with you.

As you probably know your Kingston usb stick can be used to store files. There is a set of programs by portableapps that you can install onto your usb stick so that you can run the programs when you double click them from your usb.

In this case, you wanted to keep your internet favourites where you go. You can go to this website download and install Portable Firefox into your USB stick. Now when you run Firefox from your Kingston usb you can save all your favourites ("bookmarks" in firefox) and if you put your usb stick in a different computer and run firefox all the bookmarks/favourite websites will still be there.

There are also other portable applications/programs that you can install and carry around with you on that website that you can look into.
if you fear to loose anything, i would make 2 copies of it, one on your stick, and one on a cd or DVD.
or you can just make an image of the whole disk (to an external usb disk), with Acronis True image (or another imaging program) - that way, everything is still at your disposal !
nickg5Author Commented:
adding points
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