Locate this ul under its parent li cross browser

Please view this page http://www.3marulanway.com.au/
the sub menu showing needs to be under its parent list item Questions/Answers. even if I re size the window.

I included the html code and the css code below


<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"  CodeFile="default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" MasterPageFile="~/Default.master" Title="PhD Tutoring Home, Tutors, Maths tutor, English tutoring, Sydney tutor, Liverpool tutoring, Hsc, Excellence tutoring"%>
<%@ Register assembly="AjaxControlToolkit" namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" tagprefix="cc1" %>

<asp:Content id="h1" runat="server" ContentPlaceholderId="HeaderContent1">
    <meta name="description" content="Tutoring For Excellence :: Private home tutors in Sydney, Find a tutor, tutoring and tuition in math, english tutor, physics tutoring, chemistry tutoring, We cater for all levels from pre-school to University. Be tutored, study skills, learning strategies, learning activities, australia education centre, tutoring for children, kids activities, kids education, kids learning, activities for children, pre school activities, tutoring agencies, learning English, learning resources, homework help, reading help, help with reading, help with homework, maths homework help, maths help, maths problems, maths fun, maths for kids, english homework help, kids clubs, private tutoring, english tutoring, maths tutoring, spelling tutoring, english coaching, increase IQ, prepare for school, pre-school program, time management for students, study skills, study techniques, help writing essays, essay writing, essay writing course, mathematics program, online games for kids, online tutoring, online maths tutor, online English tutor, online courses, online university courses, online degree courses, online education courses, online training courses, online learning courses, online degrees, online university degrees, tertiary online, Success in maths can open a World Of Opportunity For Your Children. A Maths Tutor Will Help. We can offer you a Specialist Maths Tutor Now." />
<meta name="keywords" content="English tutor, English tutoring, English tutors, English tutor, English tuition, maths tutor, Chemistry tutor, Chemistry tutoring, Chemistry tutors, Chemistry tutor, Chemistry tuition, maths tutoring, maths tutors, math tutor, maths tuition, mathematics tutor, Tutoring, Tutors, English tutoring, Sydney tutor, Tutoring Sydney, Liverpool tutoring, Hsc, Excellence tutoring" />    <link href="styles/hsc_prelim_math_ext1.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<%--    <link href="styles/default.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />  --%>
    <script src="jScripts/default.js" type="text/javascript"> 
    // jave script comment

<asp:Content runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="CPH1">
    <div id="defaultContent">
        <div id="defaultPic1">
            <img alt="Student assesment pic" src="images/PenOnAnswerSheet.jpg" />
            <span class="PicText">
                Free Maths and English assesment.
            <div id="underPic"></div>
	    <h3 class="noteHeading">Numbers are not our first priority, high students marks are.</h3>

        <p class="servParag">PhD Tutoring is a quality tutoring institution with a
            team of professionals who are committed to our students education. 
            PhD Tutoring strives to maximise student marks by catering to individual needs, providing optimum 
            deliberation and encouraging active involvement in the classroom. 
        </p><br />    
        <p class="servParag">Plenty of on-premisis <a href="http://www.repcoservice.com/go/our-expertise-and-knowledge/nationwide-warranty" >secured parking </a>is available for your safty and comfort.
        <br />At PhD Tutoring, you can rest assured that your future and educational aspirations, 
        are our priority. PhD Tutoring appriciate your feedback in order to continually improve our 
            services and exceed your expectations.
            <br />
         <br />
           <ul class="subjects">
	            <li>HSC Maths Ext 2.</li>
	            <li>HSC/Prelim Maths Ext 1.</li>
	            <li>HSC/Prelim Maths.</li>
	            <li>Year 7-10 Mathematics.</li>
	            <li>HSC/Prelim Standard English.</li>
	            <li>HSC/Prelim Advanced English.</li>
	            <li>HSC/Prelim Chemistry.</li>

            <br />
            <span class="handWrite" >Enjoy your visit.</span><br />
            <br />



div#outer{text-align: left; position: relative; width: 100%; overflow: auto; top: 0px;}
div#topMenu ul{text-align:center;}
div#topMenu ul li{ display:inline;}
ul#menu{background-image: url('../images/graySlice.jpg'); width: 100%; height: 30px; z-index: 1;}
ul#menu, #bannerBG{background-repeat: repeat-x;}
ul#menu li { list-style: none;}
ul#menu a, #footer a {font-size: small; padding:10px 10px; color: White;}
ul#menu li ul.subMenu {text-align: left; position: absolute; width: 13em; z-index: 3; background-color: #666; vertical-align: bottom; }
ul#menu li a {padding-top: 5px;}
ul#menu a:hover{background-color: Black;}
ul#menu li ul li a{display: block;}

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samjAuthor Commented:
Please disregard this question as it has been replaced by another one and will be closed.


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