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Hello, I have tried using number tools to tidy up my PHP/HTML code correctly. The problem is when I have a line like:

<a href="http://<?php echo $row11['ad_link']; ?>"><img src="<?php echo $row11['photo']; ?>"  title="<?php echo $row11['ad_desc']; ?>" /></a>

It will come out like:

<a href="http://%3C?=$row11['ad_link'];?%3E"><img src=
"%3C?=$row11['photo'];?%3E" title=

Is there any possible way to FIX this please? Thank you!

II've tried using HTML Tidy (CLI version), PHP Tidy package, hindent, and htb so far. Are there any configuration options I must set to make ANY of work this correctly? Or recommendation for different program?
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Just wondering, Have you tried http://www.phpformatter.com/ ? or an online formatter wouldn't suit your needs ?
Use html_entity_decode: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.html-entity-decode.php
<a href="http://<?php echo html_entity_decode($row11['ad_link']); ?>"><img src="<?php echo html_entity_decode($row11['photo']); ?>"  title="<?php echo html_entity_decode($row11['ad_desc']); ?>" /></a>

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Ignore my first post... one option is to replace the PHP start/end tags before tidying and then replace back:

From http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1262420/configure-html-tidy-to-ignore-php-short-start-and-end-tags-when-inside-html-attri
You could pre-process your php:

by adding comments by converting <? to <!--<?, and ?> to ?>-->

<input value='<?=$variable?>'>

would become

<input value='<!--<?=$variable?>-->'>

after running HTMLtidy, you would do the opposite.

pre-process by adding comment tags
run HTMLtidy
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That is really ghetto though. You would think there would be one decent PHP/HTML formatter out there... I finally decided to just use ob_start, however, Tidy is REALLY buggy with PHP, I don't know if I trust it.


remorina:I already have a really nice PHP formatter that is part of PEAR called PHP_Beautifier, I just don't have a darn HTML one that doesn't mess with PHP. Even PHP's own Tidy module messes up PHP.
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Have you tried http://www.mycoolform.com/index.php?lang=en-us,en;q=0.5

I personally use Visual Studio, which can still format php files, I just rename them to .htm and format them then it only takes a minute to make it suit my standards, second option is DreamWeavers code format which still works well and is also configurable, they both wouldn't mess with actual code or characters/symbols

Dreamweaver is great for code formatting, but it's not free :(

Netbeans is, though, and it's also a very very good editor! http://netbeans.org/



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