Has anyone managed to Install Oracle 9i Client on Windows 7 ? Is it possible ?

Need to Install Oracle Client on Windows 7 Workstation
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Bruce_WilkinsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Apologies for not closing this earlier. Client has changed Op/Sys to XP so action no longer required. Did try Arabia_vn's suggestion but without success - my thanks in any event.
Don't know if 9i is the same. But 11g is ok with a little modifying.

Before doing the mod
Checking operating system requirements ...
Expected result: One of 5.0,5.1,5.2,6.0
Actual Result: 6.1

After editing refhost.xml (unpacked_client_installation\win32_11gR1_client\client\stage\prereq\client\refhost.xml)
Add this between certified_systems tag

<!--Microsoft Windows 7-->
Bruce_WilkinsAuthor Commented:
Had a similar situation arise recently when trying to install 11g Client. Followed Arabia_vn's suggestion and installation was a success. Many thanks.
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